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Rollin’ With My Homies at The Home Show


Did you read our Home Show Post by Christine Armstrong on Friday? Please play this song before you start—-  

See also the Mom 2 Mom Show in Almonte with some of your locals!

Here are your local Carleton Place superstars at The Home Show at the Carleton Place Arena this weekend!

Yup that’s me Olaf Hanging with all my Homies at the Home Show on the weekend. Who do you know? C’mon and say Hi to everyone! Make sure you crank that music full tilt!

Saturday morning, take the train for a ride The sun is up, I got my homies by my side

I hang a light at the right, ready to have fun Then I bust a left for the 121

But I ain’t trippin’ My homie Snoop kicks the dinner juice and that’s alright,

Where’s Michael– Did Ben hide him?

There he is!! Whew!!

Rollin’ with my homies (sippin’ we yak all night, yeah)

Rollin’ with my homies (sippin’ we yak all night, yeah)

Night time is the right time, a-dynamite! We’re gonna have a good time

I just wanna kick it, yeah, that’s the ticket

I’m rollin’ with my homies, yeah ‘Said we’d yak all night, yeah yeah

Yes I’m rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ Yes I’m rollin’ with my homies

Yes I’m rollin’ rollin’ rollin’, Rollin’ with my homies ooh

Ladies, nowhere in the Carleton Place arena did I see this man! I think women would have paid 10 bucks hands down to meet him. Get on it Bob for next year! The ladies are counting on ya..:)