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April 1934 Carleton Place Business

April 1934 Carleton Place Business



Carleton Place 1934


At present relief is only being issued to one family, owing to the breadwinner being incapacitated from work through an accident. The cost to the town for relief in January last was $68: in February $32; in March $33 and estimated for April, $18. From May 1 no further relief will be issued.


Looking north on Bridge Street at Albert in 1930. There are many interesting things in this photo – Central Garage on the immediate left, (now Mr. Mozzarella’s)), the many great old cars, and on the right, a Bell Telephone sign pointing to the Exhange building located further down Albert Street, the original two story veranda on what is now “Techniques For Hair”, a Highway 15 sign, and further down, the sign for The New York Cafe which burnt down in 1960

Bates and Innes Ltd woollen manufacturers, are running to capacity, with a night staff working at carding and spinning. More than 275 employees are working in this mill, a considerable increase over the number employed last year. The extra output to date for this year is 200 percent more than that for the corresponding period in 1933. This increase is due to orders from the West, where wholesalers during the depression allowed their stocks to drop below par, but now that a more optimistic feeling ‘is covering that territory they are replenishing their stocks.


Bates and Innes staff, 1936 from the  Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

The Renfrew Woollen Mills, mill No. 2. owned and operated by M. J. O’Brien, Ltd. (late Hawthorn mill), has been running to capacity since last fall. The mill now employs 225 hands hands. Six months ago the mill employed barely a 100.



Wanda Tysich of Carleton Place at the Renfrew/ Hawthorne Mill

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  21 Feb 1948, Sat,  Page 17





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