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What do the IDA and Hallmark Have in Common? by Glenda Mahoney

What do the IDA and Hallmark Have in Common?  by Glenda Mahoney




This is Farah Merani -the beauty with the long dark hair wearing the red pants – in the Hallmark movie The Magical Christmas Ornament. Farah is the daughter of Esmail and Mina who have a business in Carleton Place.  Esmail and his son Karim are both pharmacists and the owners of the Carleton Place Stittsville Richmond and Greenbank IDA stores.

It was a few years ago, but the movie is part of the Hallmark Christmas movie line up. I knew about it but I have never seen the movie. I was researching the movies filmed in Almonte and Carleton Place for my sisters and randomly came across this still with Farah in it. She is an actress and has been in plays, television commercials and lives in Toronto.

Esmail and Aziz had always brought all of their children in to the Carleton Place IDA to work when they were young. Those kids worked all of the positions in the store and they were not treated with any special privileges and did everything. They stocked shelves and price ticketed merchandise and worked at the front cash wherever they were needed.. They are a wonderful family and very modest and unassuming. Farah had come home that year for Christmas and Esmail was joking around that throughout the entire Christmas holiday week the movie was played non stop. Lol. Over and over and over.

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