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Before and After in Carleton Place — Be True to your School


Before- The Prince of Wales High School Carleton Place on High Street


Photo from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum Carleton Place Canadian newspaper files.


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March 28th 1973-Ottawa Journal



Historical Fact:

T.B. Caswell, headmaster of the Carleton Place school, had occasion to punish some pupils in his room.  Among them was the son of the Reeve Mr. Steele who felt so aggrieved that he undertook to punish the teacher for which he will have to answer at the next Quarter session.

Judging from the number of complaints made to the Board of Education at Carleton Place about the undue severity there must be quite a number of people in that town who are wiser than Solomon for we have his authority for saying “spare the rod”.  We will “spoil the child”.  A parent should rarely side with a pupil in the matter of discipline. –Almonte Gazette