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Clippings of Leita Anderson

Clippings of Leita Anderson

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December 5 1977 -Leita Andison, retired school teacher and community worker, was honoured by the town Saturday night when council awarded her the Citizen of the Year plaque at the annual appreciation night held in the high school auditorium. Miss Andison has devoted 57 years in the Girl Guide movement and was one of the first guiders when the movement started here in 1920. She taught school from 1925 to 1965 and has been supply teaching for the past 12 years.

Andison has worked with the Cancer Society, Hospital Auxiliary, Canadian National Institute for the Blind. St. John Ambulance, Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire and the Women’s Institute. She has been a life-long member of the Anglican church, where she taught Sunday school, sang in the choir and was an Anglican Young Peoples Associated Youth Leader, and a member of the altar guild.

She has delighted many readers over the years with her written verse on residents and events throughout the community, and is considered a local historian with a vast knowledge of the town and its people. In his remarks, Mayor Ted Le-Maistre referred to Andison as a naturalist who spends much of her time as a conservationist and as an avid ecologist. He praised her for her continuing contribution to the well-being of the town.

Caldwell Wilson, fire chief of the Ocean Wave Volunteer Fire Company, was presented with an Outstanding Citizen Award from the IODE in recognition of his services in the community. The appreciation night dinner is held annually to publicly thank those who contribute freely of their time on all of the council-appointed boards and committees.


Norma Ford What a wonderful, strict, compassionate person Leita Andison was, will never forget her from my Girl Guide days.



A poem about Carambeck by Leita Anderson-



Photo thanks to Lucy Connelly Poaps and her scrapbook– Leita Anderson–

Leita Andison wrote poems about our area and published them in 1979. This one is about Mrs. Neilson on the Neilson farm on the Appleton side road. Evelyn Kettles was her daughter. Thanks to Joyce Tennant..

Happy Birthday to Mrs. Neilson by Leita Anderson —

Your friends of Beckwith Institute
Are thrilled Evelyn asked us out
To celebrate this day with you
And a sip of tea here too
When one can boast she’s 81
And think back over all the fun,
That’s filled her life– then she is one
Who knows that good work has been done
Now by a twinkle in her eye
You know she thinks of time gone by
When in Dumbarton, on the Clyde–She took a horse and buggy ride
So now your friends who’ve gathered here,
What you to know we hold you dear.
And with those roses bring our love
And pray his blessing from above.

September 14, 1971








This photo was taken in June of 1951. A teacher’s tea was held at Waves Inn on Franktown Road in honour of Mrs. Malloy who was retiring and Miss Cameron who was geting married.

Front Row (l-r): Margaret Galvin, Margaret Sturgeon, Iris Cameron, J.D. McAdam (Principal), Mary Malloy, Annie Anderson, Olive Robertson

Back Row (l-r): Dorothy Craig, Frances Churchill, Sadie Chamney, Janet Menzies, Hilda Cram, Alton Cassidy, Hector Dallamore (Music), Marray Kirkpatrick, Mary Cummings, Vivian Leach, Winnie McRostie, Verna Burnie, Stella McDiarmid, Leita Andison



*Photo-Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

IN 1918 the principal of the High School was paid a salary of $1600 a year which in those days was a princely sum. The other members of his staff were Misses F. Ewing, Patricia McNeely and C. Morton. The same year R. J Robertson chief of the public school received $950 and his staff besides himself consisted of Misses M. Cornell, L. McLaren, M. Surgeon, A. Anderson, C. Mallinson, H. Casewell, M. McCallum, D. May, V. Leach, Miss Mullett, L. Anderson, V. Devlin, A. Sherlock, M. McEwen and J. Burke.
David Henry was the caretaker of the High School and George Langstaff looked after the Public Schools. The secretary was Chas. Abbott who received $100 for his trouble and A.R Peden pulled down $75 for his trouble as treasure


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The Alice Walker Fashion Show 1974 Carleton Place



All Photos from the Carleton Place Canadian file from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum


The Alice Walker Dress Shop in Carleton Place held their annual Christmas Fashion Show at Carambeck School November 12th in 1974. The show was held on behalf of A.R.C. Industries to help in the operation of their sheltered workshop. Ticket sales benefited them over $200 from the show. There was an excellent turnout despite the heavy rains, and over 90 outfits were modeled.

There were 12 girls from Almonte and Carleton Place  that modeled:


Laura Davidson,  Mary Lyn McDermid, Angela Scott, Gabre Craig, Joanne Redpath, Nancy Lay, Judy Guerard, Nancy Barry, Carol Dickensen, Diane Smithson, Mary Osterholt, and Cathy Hughes.


Music was provided by pianist/ organist Michael Mailey. Cosmetics were by Lillian Pye the Vanda Beauty Councillor in Carleton Place. Behind the scenes help was managed by Pat Vetter assisted by Wendy MacNeil. Commentary was given by Gilian Wall.

A blast from the Past!



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Mary Cook’s Deportment Classes for Young Ladies in Carleton Place

Carleton Place Mod Fashion Show 1960’s

And Then There was Cook’s– and Most of All Mary Cook


Name Those Students in Dorothy Richardson’s Class — Carambeck


Photos from the Carleton Place Canadian Files from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum


Found these pictures in the old Carleton Place Canadian files at the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum and there are no names. Can we name these students in Dorothy Robinson’s class at Carambeck?

The gal below we’ve got.:) I believe she is on Facebook.:)


I Will Take “Carambeck” for $1000 Alex!


Dave Brown wrote about one of our local schools in his 1969 November column in in The Ottawa Citizen.

The new Lanark Board of education recently approved a name for a new public school in Carleton Place. It is to be called Carambeck and is an abbreviation of the places that students come from to fill that school. Carleton Place, Ramsay Township and Beckwith Township.

The name had a ring to it so they tried it on a few locals.

What is a Carambeck?”

First one said,

A cheap used car lot?

Second one said,

A chocolate bar?”

The school is no longer an elementary school, but come visit the old Victoria School May 23rd for the opening of The Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum.


Did you know there used to be a jail cell (known then as a “lock-up”) in the old Victoria School building? The blocked up window can be seen at the left of this photo from 1900. The lock-up was a part of the original town hall built in 1872 – when the building was converted to a school in 1879, the lock-up remained in use for a short time! –Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum