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Going to the Chapel of Love – A Heavenly Photo Essay


Written in July of 2012– Lake Tahoe California

Please Play While Reading


 Shall we or shall we not?

Penelope, one of the brides with her adoring fans!

Up Up and Away!

A Gondola with a view!

 Almost there!

Everyone out- very carefully!

The Donald Trump look-alike minister.

Here come the brides!

 I think I need this shoe!

I will give you a dollar for my shoe back!

A deal has been made but no one could wear heals with that grated flooring anyways.

 To have and to hold and can you smell the roses?

 Do you two brothers takes these women to be your wives?

 Be careful taking that photo as it’s a heck of a long way down!

Love at 7377 feet on Heavenly Mountain- South Lake Tahoe, California.


All photos by Linda Seccaspina 2012


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It’s Just a Jump to the Left – Time Warping Rocky Horror


rocky3    On the last Saturday of every month in the late 70’s my store in Ottawa Ontario would be filled to the brim with customers looking for the exotic in wear. Corsets, platform shoes, barely there underwear and French maid costumes. For a month or two I was kind of baffled as to what was going on until one night I drove by the Nelson Theatre on Rideau Street.

There, standing in line were a couple hundred people dressed in things your mother told you not to wear. Of course this was the beginning of the midnight showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and during the decades I had that store I proudly outfitted most of the participants.  Years have passed and in today’s age of the internet I wondered if the film Rocky Horror excited this generation like it did us?

“Whatever happened to Saturday night?”


I emailed Nate who runs the Bay area’s Rocky Horror troupe  and he agreed to let me take pictures of the ‘participants’ of Friday night’s event.  Nate also playsRiff Raff and that night he was extremely busy bringing in props from the last show in San Francisco and trying to get ready in 45 minutes.

“It’s astounding you know; Time is fleeting!”


I got there early anticipating a line of people and sad to say today’s generation gets there when they get there. A few people complained that it was chilly  and all I could think of was standing in line during  a snow storm 20 years ago while my black ankle socks and tap shoes filled up with snow.

“I remember doing the time-warp. Drinking those moments when  ‘The Blackness’ would hit me.”


The first people in line were Kayla and Miguel from Fairfax and they were definite Rocky Horror virgins. But I had to give them kudos as they were willing to sit there in the ‘cold California air’ for 90 minutes. I told them about my past experiences and warned them about the rice and toilet paper. For anyone that doesn’t understand; you should duck during those sequences and if you don’t – well don’t say I didn’t warn you.

“With a bit of a mind flip
You’re into the time slip.”


Brittany and Kassie had seen Rocky Horror before but Faryn had not. She was kind of worried that someone might come up to her and draw a large “V” on her face establishing her as a  ‘Rocky Horror Virgin’. I assured her no one would do it but if I had a marker in my purse Faryn would have been initiated by me personally.

“And nothing can ever be the same.”

Maykayla and Emma had the right idea. That Mata Hari hat would protect you from all the Rocky Horror elements including the spray from water pistols used to simulate the rainstorm Brad and Janet had experienced. Lots of theatres don’t allow this anymore and as my grandmother once said,

“Well secluded,  you will  see all.”


By this time the pain killers had kicked in for a kidney infection I have, and names and time are now fleeting.

” Madness is  taking its toll.”


Cat ears? I don’t remember cat ears but those bras are “spaced out in sensation!”

“What interesting underclothes you have!” said Frank


I don’t remember a Mexican wrestler in the film but “When a snake of a guy gives you an evil wink” you have someone to protect you!



“He shook-a me up, he took me by surprise” to see Geek Chic next to ladies that are ” just a jump to the left.”

“Say, do any of you guys know how to Madison?”


Now we are talking!

“She stared at me and I felt a change.
Time meant nothing, never would again.”

“Hi. My name’s Brad Majors and this is my fiance Janet Weiss.”


“It’s just a jump to the left.

And then a step to the right.

Put your hands on your hips.

This duo is rated off the charts for originality!


“How do you do?  I see you’ve met my faithful handy man!”


“I’ve been makin’ a man, with blond hair, and a tan and he’s good for relieving my tension.”

I give you Ms. Tasha Fierce. You go girl!

“Although psychiatrists and sociologists are still putting their heads together to explain the cult phenomenon, Richard O’Brien thought the answer was quite simple.  They’ve asked a lot of people to interpret the show’s success and they all seem to miss the very obvious answer. It allows the kids to dress up. I see guys on the street in fishnet stockings and corsets and I think it’s terrific. It’s a major breakthrough. Women have been cross-dressing for years. Now they can wear almost anything, but a man can’t.

Thanks to Rocky Horror a guy can put on fishnets and strutt his stuff and feel okay. I see no harm in that at all. I think the kids are also responding to Rocky because there’s an element of naivete about it which is very endearing and not threatening. Its innocence is its strength All the characters appear to be sophisticated, knowledgeable people but they’re really not. That allows people of a similar adolescent nature to feel they could be part of the whole thing. “

Rocky Horror will live on forever- Happy Halloween!

                                     “Let’s do the time-warp again!

Thanks to the kind staff at the Albany Twin Theatres and Nate from Barely Legal.

Photos and text by Linda Seccaspina 2011

1970’s  photo of my friend and  old staff Jackie Kouprie

Quotes from Rocky Horror

J. Peterman Foodie Thoughts about Food Trucks


San Francisco- Thursday, March 31st.

I stand on the metal stairs that slowly move towards the beckoning blue sky. I can smell the food from the gourmet food truck vendors from Off the Grid. They gather at the Civic Centre every Thursday to become an extravaganza of food or an all out hipster pig fest whichever one chooses.

“Oh for the love of God man tell me what they are cooking!”- Deconstructed J. Peterman


                                   Curbside Coffee

I smell coffee filling the air making me want to sip it slowly so I might possibly go back to the office, hunker down and work. They hand me a warm chocolate croissant and a steaming soup bowl of coffee. Luscious cups of hot Vietnamese coffee are sold only on Thursdays.

 “It will always be Burma to me Elaine.” – J Peterson.


Natalie from distant Rhode Island and Denise from not so far away San Jose have come for the Sweet Potatoe Tater Tots. Alas the Vietnamese truck has “tottered out” and they have succumbed instead to an Asian Asade from Kung Fu Tacos. Seasons strips of succulent steak garnished with tender green cilantro and carrots topped with and Asian spicy salsa.

Natalie is staying at a hostel now and maybe never go back to Rhode Island after this.  Now that she has discovered you can find food links on the internet the world is her oyster.

“Beware the seductive lure of the yam yam”- J Peterman


The Rib Whip

Jennifer and Kurt from the East Bay are chowing down on ribs from a pork spa that are dripping with BBQ sauce. Just the smell alone will never let them forget about this day.

Kurt spoke softly, or was it just whispers of wind in my ears?

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget those ribs–ahhh. And most of all, I will never, forget today. Just the two of us, and we surrendered to temptation. And it was pretty damn good!” –Deconstructed J Peterman



                      3 Sum Eats with Chef Ryan Scott

I smell the Deep fried Mac n Cheese egg rolls that are deconstructed (whatever that means) like little crazy chunks of love.  Rice Krispie Fried Chicken, Philly Cheese steak Dumplings and sandwiches the size of your fist make me wonder if Chef Ryan Scott is  really alive or just a master chef from times gone by.

“And if you’re undead I will find out about that too!”- J. Peterman


Kung Fu Tacos

The tacos are a tad smaller than usual but I wanted to savor every lingering bite. The veggies were tenderly marinated with onions and shitake mushrooms.  The chicken was scrumptious and the roast duck quacked its way into my heart.  Topped with a tangy curdling Asian salsa made you wonder if it was too good to be true!

“I fear my orgasm from food has left me unable to move Elaine” –   Deconstructed J. Peterson


        Oui Oui Macaron

Unfortunately I got there a little too late and some of the flavours were already gone. I managed to get a Red Velvet one to tease my taste buds. A soft crisp shell and moist chocolate chewy filling with tiny morsels of semi sweet chocolate on the shell.

Delicious unique flavors like: Salted Carmel and Almond Earl Grey Ganache lets me  dream of days of sitting by the sea sipping tea on a blanket with a Fabio look alike.

“Do you know Elaine what happens to a butter-based frosting after six decades in a poorly ventilated English basement?”- J. Peterman


Off the Grid

Delightful, delicious yet definitely not a “hipster” function.

Sweet Judy!

I cannot detect one ounce of pretension in their eyes. This food congregation is hip with nothing but great music to soothe their souls. Huge lines and comforting food from all around the world without leaving the block  made these  iPad wonder childen and myself smile.

“Then, in the distance, I heard the trucks. I began running as fast as I could. Fortunately, I was wearing my Italian cap toe oxfords. Sophisticated yet different; nothing to make a huge fuss about. Rich dark brown calfskin leather. Matching leather vent. Men’s whole and half sizes 7 through 13. Price: $135.00.

The food from Off the Grid? Priceless!”- J. Peterson deconstructed.


Text and Images: Linda Seccaspina 2011

“Creative” Quotes by J. Peterman from Seinfeld

Off The Grid on Facebook

Does God Live In Berkeley California?


From the upcoming book  Grimm Tayles of Emileeeeee McPheeeee- out sometime in the spring or early summer if I can get my brain together.



When Emileeeeee was depressed she rode the number 88 bus. She rode it to the east, she rode it to the west, because it was always the solution.  Watching the passing scenery seemed to be just the prescription that cured the dark and cloudy days Emileeeeee seemed to conjure up for herself.

One gloomy day Emileeeeee jumped on the bus and there sitting across her was a physically challenged woman. She was about 36, partially blind and had a club foot. This woman seemed to go out of her way to be pleasant to everyone and didn’t feel sorry for herself  like Emileeeeee did.


She looked at Emileeeeee and said,


“Hello “Miss Girl”, you are a sad looking girl indeed, but do smile for me.” she said. “My name is Mini.”


Mini plopped herself down on the seat next to Emileeeeee and began talking to no one in particular. She asked the bus driver her name who then quickly responded that she was called Priscilla. Comfortable with a first name, Mini began talking in a loud booming southern voice.


“Miss Priscilla, I don’t have a care keeper anymore.”

“I noticed that Mini, where is she?” asked Priscilla

“Miss Priscilla, my mother has forced me have home care off and on since 1995, and you wouldn’t believe half of what I would tell you. You would say, ‘NAAA HAAAAAAAAA!’ My Mama and Mr. Jimmy says I’m too nice to people. But Mr. Jimmy has hired these strange home care workers and I think they are in cahoots. I’m a nice person but I won’t be taken advantage of any longer No sirree, not anymore!”


Emileeeeee looked at her with sad eyes and nodded her head as Mini continued.

“God is the only judgment in my life. What goes up must come down like a helium balloon and if Mr. Jimmy keeps up; he is going to go down like a busted balloon. I never heard the doctor tell my Mama that I was legally blind, but I can still move around and if I don’t step in mud one day, then it’s a good day.” 



“Well, your Mama just cares about you darlin’ said Priscilla, the bus driver.

Yes, Emileeeeee nodded; her mama cared for her just like the bus driver and  Emileeeeee began to care  too.

Mini began getting a little heated and blurted out,


“I don’t despair my Mama, but she has faith the size of a mustard seed. If I can cross that street to go to the corner store and not get hit by a car nor mugged by those young thugs then it’s another good day. If I can’t do something then I am going to give it one heck of a try. When you stop this bus- if I fall down and bump my head, I’m just going to rub it and keep on going.”


Yes, Emileeeeee nodded, just keep on going and that  is what she should do. Forget all the bumps and all those imaginary things inside her head.

At this point, Mini noticed that the passengers were listening to her every word. She began to get nervous and twirl her “Bad Boy Bail Bonds” key lanyard around her neck.

“Miss Priscilla, where were you born?” asked Mini.

“I was born in Alabama, darlin’,” said Priscilla.

“Well, I was born in San Francisco,” said Mini, and she began speaking loudly.

“You see I’m crazy, because I was born there,” she laughed. “Everyone thinks people from San Francisco are crazy so I moved across the Bay to Berkeley to find God.”

Emileeeeee scratched her head. She didn’t know that God had moved to Berkeley or she would have done the ‘drop in’ with some freshly baked cookies. She silently wondered; where in Berkeley was God living?

Emileeeeee had always thought the hippies had it all right when they revolted against Governor Reagan over People’s Park in the ‘60s. Was God living in People’s Park then? Was He at the Amoeba record store every week buying records, thought Emileeeeee to herself. Or was He begging for change on the street with three dogs on a leash? Had she missed Him somewhere?

Surely God didn’t have a vendor’s table on Telegraph Avenue selling tie dye clothing. Do other people know He lives here? Emileeeeee wondered if He had marched along side with her during one of those anti-war rallies. She secretly knew what Mini really meant, but it was interesting to wonder what God would do if He lived in Berkeley. After all, it is a haven of peace.

Mini was still babbling on, telling the bus driver how she used to go the YMCA in the summer when she was young and how she loved the trampoline. She couldn’t jump because of her foot but she would sit there while the others jumped and pretended she was flying.

“I just sat there and closed my eyes and I was flying Miss Priscilla. I was flyinggggggggggggggg in the blue sky.”

Emileeeeee imagined Mini flying into the air as she closed her eyes. Suddenly Emileeeeee was also flying with Mini into the clouds. There was only sunshine and smiles, and the gloom and doom became non existent.


After that very day, when Mini flew into her heart,  Emileeeeee worried no more and feeling sorry for herself was no longer an option. For months she looked for Mini on the 88 bus. She looked far and she looked wide, but she no longer saw her and Emileeeeee wondered aloud,


“Maybe that WAS God. Was God really on the 88 bus that day?”


Maybe He was, thought Emileeeeee and she smiled broadly.  Maybe God really did live in Berkeley, because He was everywhere and He did have some rules. He told everyone not to be sad and to love everyone – after all, He wouldn’t give you problems to make you weaker. Maybe in all honesty our sole purpose in life is just to warn others. If that was the case Emileeeeee decided it was better to walk through life happily then be dragged through it. She only  wished she realized it sooner. After all- you have to go your own way!





From the upcoming book  Grimm Tayles of Emileeeeee McPheeeee- out sometime in the spring or early summer if I can get my brain together.


Cover by Diana Ani Stokely- Grafix to Go


A very rough copy of this was published in The Berkeley Xpress in  2010 and it is a true story after all we all have some Emileeeeee McPheeeeee in us. Sculpture of Emileeeeee McPheeeeee by Miss Bobby Jean of Berkeley, California.




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Forget about Sharktober – When Moose Attack!




This has been a heck of a month for shark attacks all up and down the west coast. Just this week Scott Stevens a 25-year-old surfer was believed to have been bitten by a great white shark near Eureka, Calif., and is expected to live after undergoing surgery at a local hospital.


Two weeks ago; workers at the San Juan Hills golf course in San Juan Capistrano were baffled when they came across a live shark flipping around the 12th hole tee. They immediately ruled out that it was not golf pro Greg Norman and it was most likely a leopard shark that had been dropped from the air by a large bird looking for a good meal by the looks of the puncture wounds. Leopard sharks are commonly found in shallow California waters traveling up from the “Golf“streams from southern waters.


“Sunk by a birdie”, the shark looked par for the course until the golf course crew brought the saltwater fish back to Dana Point and dropped it back in the ocean.

“It was still alive,” McCormack told the media and we just didn’t have a bigger cart.







The number of moose attacks spikes in September and October during mating season and the early spring when mothers are protecting their young calves. However, moose often do not confront people unless they are provoked. For that reason, it’s important not to throw anything at moose and keep any dogs away from them as their barks annoy them. The Vancouver Sun reports that moose also do not like the Canadian Mounties. A Mountie in northern British Columbia got the fright of his life when a large moose climbed on top of his cruiser, smashed his driver’s side window and hit him on the shoulder last Thursday.

The officer saw two moose crossing the road in Prince George, B.C., just before 1 a.m. and tried to alert another vehicle traveling toward the large animals. As the officer got closer to the creatures, the bull moose decided he was having none of that and attacked.








“The moose first broke the front grill and bumper, and then stepped on to the vehicle causing dents to the hood, roof and breaking the windshield,”  said one of Canada’s finest in a press release to the Toronto Star.

The animal continued to stomp and kick, with one of the animal’s hoofs breaking the car window and hitting the officer with one of his feet. Aside from a bruise or two, the Mountie was not seriously injured and the moose finally slid like Jagger off the trunk.


“Both the culprit and accomplice departed the area on hoof,” the Sun reported.



I wish I could tell you both these news flashes are“Fractured Fairy Tales” but sadly they aren’t!


 “And now, here’s something we hope you’ll really like!” – Rocket J Squirrel