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Musky Memories 1931 Fish Tales

Musky Memories 1931 Fish Tales

C. S. Morris of Ottawa caught maskinonge ( musky) measuring 49 inches from tip to tip while fishing in the Rideau River near Burritt’s Rapids. Ronald Gilmour, of the Royal Flying Corps, a former Almonte man happens to be a neighbor of Mr. Morris and brought the head of the big fish to Almonte, where is has been mounted by Mr. Shipman.

The maskinonge was caught under circumstances that make most fish stories look like pikers. It appears Morris had landed a small pickerel weighing about a-pound-and-a-half. Wishing to keep it fresh while he continued his sport the angler tied a rope through its gills, put it back in the water and secured it to a pier. Soon afterward he noticed the rope jerking as if under heavy strain and on pulling it in found the big “muskie” had swallowed the pickerel hollus-bollus.

There was a battle royal to land the big fish. After a tug-of-war lasting 15 minutes one of Mr. Morris’ companions fashioned a rude gaff with which the big fellow was hoisted onto dry land. The head, only partly prepared for mounting, was shown to a’ number of friends by Mr. Shipman today. When finished it will be a fine trophy.

Sept 25 1931

AL B Backi’ve fished there and one time i was bringing in about a ten pound pike and a muskie grabbed it,around the manotick area the muskie eat the ducks all the time,they’re still there,another time my friend and i pulled out two 4 footers about an hour part,it was fun watching people screaming and getting out of the water when they seen these toothy creatures breaking water…

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