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“Let the Cattle Pass” An Insulting Nuisance




350 Almonte street reformed presbyterian family 2–Almonte.com


Almonte Gazette–Sept 14, 1917


Dear Editor,

Please allow some space in your paper to call the attention of our Chief of Police to the insulting nuisance some young men are making of themselves by so far forgetting the respect due to others. They are congregating and blocking the sidewalk on the corner next to Dowdall’s Drug Store, and compelling ladies to pass through the crowd or take the road to get by, as they often have to do.


On Sunday evening last a crowd of boys and young men had gathered in this place as usual. As some people, on their way to church, were passing, someone in the crowd hollered out to clear the way and let the cattle pass. It is to be regretted that any voting man or boy should so far forget himself as to use such language to citizens passing on the street. It is hoped ~the Chief of Police will take action immediately.



Imagine giving a modern day young man a handbook telling him how to behave at a dinner party. Or perhaps a manual on the proper ways to court and ultimately marry a young woman. One can only imagine his reaction.

Many guides were published in the 19th century that were useful for a gentleman in his everyday life. Some focused on general advice for young men on such topics as their duties and conduct in various social and work scenarios. Others provided education on recreational activities such as hunting, horse riding, football and croquet.

Many of the etiquette guides and manuals for gentlemen back in the day revolved around girls. From the customs of courtship to humorous how-to guides to help pick up women, there certainly was no shortage



Dowdall		P.C.		Lanark		Ramsay		Almonte		Chemist and Druggist			Lanark Co., Canada


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Clipped from The Ottawa Journal, 18 Jun 1937, FriPage 5

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