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Buds Has the Spuds in Carleton Place!



Bud Hamilton — 5 star-It Rocks!! Had the best Bacon Double Cheese burger! Hmmm is it because I have an in with the cook? Nah everyone will get treated well!!


Laura Goodchild — 5 star-It was excellent Cheese Burger i had From the best cook and treated me very well like always!! it was yummy.. all the best jane you and bud always treated me well when you owed the company. And it’s an excellent spot to eat.

Best Burger’s but now I gotta try the fries!


Debra McMillen Marier — 5 star-Awesome!!! Perfect spot..right across street. LOL super.
BUD’S SPUDS- So I’ll see you soon??


Rod Rafter -Best of Luck in your new venture Jane!

That’s right- Jane and her super elf (who is everywhere) Glenda will make your day with their smiles and food. These guys are related by the heart. Poutine was fabulous- but at this point even in the beginning of the season, after all these reviews-I don’t know how many more I can eat. LOL!

Come see the gals at:

124 Moore St
Carleton Place, Ontario
(613) 913-4537


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Update: Maryanne L. Oney has closed her chip truck and wishes to thank everyone who supported her. She said it was very hard to close it as I enjoyed it very much and the people who did show loved our food. Hugs to her.

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