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What Would You Do With a Carleton Place Scarf?

Welcome to our daily–“What Would You Do With a Carleton Place Scarf?”–Answer?

BUY YOUR Carleton Place scarf at WISTERIA 62 Bridge Street–Support your community!


Next year a different one comes out and they will become collector items! 

This years recipient of funds raised from the sale of scarfs goes to: the Carleton Place Arena Staff Association. They have been fundraising for over 20 years. They have volunteered their time for numerous events, raising money and donating back to the community. Here are some of the initiatives they have fundraised for are:

– Construction of arena #2
– Spectator seating for arena #2
– Arena boards
– Nets for arena
– Upgrades to the lower washrooms
– Televisions for the upper hall
– Donations to both Girls and Minor Hockey

                            “We would enjoy a nice bottle of wine with it!”
Maryanne Harrison and & Harold Walther from Carleton Place Winery
20 Lake Avenue East Carleton Place, (613) 253-1007
scarf2 (1).jpg

                                   “I would just pose silly with it at work”

Samantha Van Rompaey from our local beloved Canadian Tire Gas Bar on the corner of Lake Ave West and Bridge Street

                                               “I’d Wear it rockin’ my boots”

                                               Kassy from  Canadian Career Academy

                                              92 Bridge St, Carleton Place, ON K7C 2V3
                                                          Phone: (613) 257-3237
“The scarf along with fabulous jewelry would make a favourite fashion accessory”
Gail Sheen-MacDonald-Wisteria
62 Bridge St, Carleton Place, ON K7C 2V3
                                 “I’d hug it and squeeze it and call it George!”

Johnny from Body Graphics Tattoo–(613) 257-4312

120 Bridge St, Carleton Place, ON K7C 2V5

                                       “I’d change it from the CPHS Colours!”

Rocky from Body Graphics Tattoo–(613) 257-4312

120 Bridge St, Carleton Place, ON K7C 2V5
                             “They would use it as a base for a Carleton Place Soup”
I grew up working in the church kitchens at the age of 6 at the Anglican Church in Cowansville, Quebec under my Grandmother’s watchful eye. These women are MY women– and how you could not love them? Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you the women of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Carleton Place.

                   “I’d wrap it around my old lady and hold her tight with it”

Peter from Body Graphics Tattoo–(613) 257-4312

120 Bridge St, Carleton Place, ON K7C 2V5
“I’d wear it every single day and snuggle with it!”                                                                                                Kate Murray

            Staff – Office Support—Downtown Carleton Place—136 Bridge Street

Today we took a pause today in our Carleton Place scarf campaign to honour those no longer among us.
There was no one home when I dropped into the Vacuum Service Outlet so I took a picture with the iconic now you see him-now you don’t– “Johnny V”– “When there is housework or vacuuming to be done the invisible man is never to be found”.

Vacuum Service Outlet

Address: 122 Bridge St, Carleton Place, ON K7C 2V5
 “We would give them to our families!”
The Women of St. James Anglican Church- real women who work hard for their parish. Look at those smiles– and of course they would give them to their kids. God can’t be everywhere– so he created Mothers.
Sarah from Treasures ‘N’ More–109 Bridge St, Carleton Place-613) 492-0485
Sarah would put the scarf on Heidi!
Can she bake a cherry pie with it? Of course– and look at all those slices of pumpkin pie. Margaret can do it all.

Stiletto Custom Barbering–126 Bridge Street–Carleton Place, ON K7C 2V5 (613) 492-1961

Beverly-Ann Passila- “I’d Keep My Pooches Warm”
Mitchell’s Your Independent Grocer–455 McNeely Ave, Carleton Place-613-253-6206
Martha Linklater McNeely–“I would wear it while I check out our great customers!”
Stiletto Custom Tattoo Studio–128 Bridge St, Carleton Place–(613) 257-4343
Falken–“I’d ride my white horse to the land of forgotten kittens and save them from the dragon that eats their young”
 St James Anglican Church–Our beloved Sandy–“She’s Make a Dog Coat out of it!”
The Twisted Barber– 122 Bridge St, Carleton Place– (613) 266-0037
Erica Gyldenbjerg-“I’d give Donald Trump a real haircut with it!”
                                                                              Dot Smith
                                             “I’d watch Carleton Place sports with it!?”
I think this is one of my favourite pictures– If you have ever met Dot Smith you know the love that emits from this woman on a daily basis. Dot– I love you..Thank you for all you have done for our community.
New Queen’s Hotel –142 Bridge St, Carleton Place-– Say Hi to Tim when you go there..
What would the New Queen’s Hotel do with a Carleton Place Scarf? Why– they would just wrap it around a beer glass and smile. A huge piece of history that you need to visit on Bridge Street. Want to read about the Queen’s in days gone by? Click on this link and go to the bottom of the story– where there are many you can read about.
Look who just arrived in town wearing his Carleton Place scarf? Chilly the Penguin who will be in the Santa Claus Parade this Saturday!! What he do with his Carleton Place scarf? He would wear it to the parade.
Rhonda Poirier from Rhonda’s Kitchen at the New Queen’s Hotel –142 Bridge St, Carleton Place– So what did Rhonda say? Not so fast– drop in and have a bite and ask her yourself!
                                                    Bar Open 7 days a week 11-2am
                                                             Ronda’s Kitchen open
                                                              Tues-Thurs 12-8pm
                                                              Fri-Sat 12-8pm
                                                              Sun 12-8pm

What would Sophia do? She would watch her Christmas Light Show with her lame Hello Kitty Hat. Better put some boots on Sophia!! Come and see a free Christmas light show-You can even watch it from the confines of your car.Over at 267 Stonewood Drive in Carleton place  off the 9th line.

 What would Darrylene Sadler from the Carleton Place Farmers Market do with her Carleton Place scarf? She would wear it to the Santa Claus parade and bring your donations in for the Lanark County Food Bank. See you there!
There is no one that works harder than Shelly Dickie for her Dickie’s Cause 4 Paws and all the rescue work she does. Please check out her page–. As most of you know it is very costly when it comes to rescuing animals and that Shelly does. She also is very involved in TNR programs which is an endless task. Funds become very low and need to be built back up in order to keep going because of the high need of these programs. Support Shelly and all the hard work she does.
Greg Skelton from Capital Optical-152 Bridge Street, Carleton Place-613-667-4000
What would Greg do? Well, he would do something I have done with it– he would polish his glasses with it.
rumplestilskin78 (1).jpg
It’s Jayne Munro-Ouimet president of the Lanark County Genealogical Society–What would Jayne do? I’d love wearing it– but I live near Almonte so I had better start running..
Old Christmas, ca 1930-1960 (9).jpg
Amanda MacCosham from the Hair Chair 154 Bridge Street– 613-325-3962! 💜— What would Amanda do with a Carleton Place scarf? Well, she would cut hair with it on!
Flora of Carleton Place– supermodel, hospital and St. James volunteer– and the list goes on. Flora said she would wear her Carleton Place scarf with her fabulous jewelry!

John Gibson who was having  lunch at the Dionysos Restaurant at

156 Bridge St, Carleton Place, ON K7C 2V6   Phone:(613) 492-1333
What would John do with the scarf? Well he would take it to Exclusive Window Coverings and have a curtains made of it. Going to need a whole slew of scarves John!! Quick get them before they run out!
Ashleigh Bridges from the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce would dress up the ghost of Ida Moore who hangs out at  Moore House on Bridge Street.—Did you know about the ghost of Ida Moore who is featured in our scarf ad today? Read all about her here.. Walking With Ghosts — The Hauntings of Ida Moore–https://lindaseccaspina.wordpress.com/2015/03/11/walking-with-ghosts-the-hauntings-of-ida-moore/
Brenda Mattey- Shoppers Drugmart–315 McNeely Ave, Carleton Place, ON-(613) 253-5595
What would Brenda do? She would wrap her Granddaughter in it.
Matt Maurice from Valley Fries at Mac’s Plaza on Franktown Road. Of course he would serve fries up with it.. They would like to give a huge thank you to all who came out to support their fries for December 5th Food Day. Even though their day was cut short within 3 hrs they will still consider it a success because of all of your donations and generosity. They donated 306 lbs of food to the Lanark County Food Bank and a few things for the family they are sponsoring for Christmas.
 $_57 (36).jpg
The Blossom Shop– 167 Bridge St, Carleton Place–(613) 257-1855
What would Kayla Rawlins from The Blossom Shop do? She would wrap the scarf around a  big blooming beautiful bouquet!
Former Carleton Place Resident–John Rogers–Whitecourt AB–“In the bitter cold Alberta winter of perpetual cold, I will keep my neck extra extra warm, dreaming about the balmy days of chipping in ice fishing holes on Mississippi Lake between Petrie Shore and Long View Island, with a Timmy’s dubdub in my hand”. Thanks to John’s sister for sending a little piece of Carleton Place to him.
What would you do with a Carleton Place scarf? Our former mayor Wendy LeBlanc said she would be Miss Carleton Place with it. Also in picture was the real former Miss Carleton Place Tracy Lamb, and the late great former mayor Brian Costello.

Terry Poulos from Century 21–145 Bridge St, Carleton Place said she would wear her scarf to cover her wrinkles. Funny Ms. Terry if they are there you hide them so well. You do not look a day over 21.. seriously.:)


Cathie Hawkins hopes that next year’s collectible scarf is red and white to celebrate Canada’s 150th. For now she will lovingly wear her Carleton Place scarf to keep her warm.


Here’s  our lovely Becky Whelan from the Dress Shop-141 Bridge St, Carleton Place, ON —Phone: (613) 253-8080- She would make a dress out of it.. That would be some spectacular dress!


Here is Keegan from Your Independent Grocer–455 McNeely Ave, Carleton Place-613-253-6206-What would Keegan do? He would use it as a great accessory to attract all the beautiful  young ladies of Carleton Place.


One of our iconic citizens of Carleton Place Norma Ford is sitting among our former first Carleton Place council. She is proudly wearing a Carleton Place scarf– but what would Norma do with it? She would wear it proudly she says– but it clashes with her cane.:)


Ms Krista Lee from Apple Cheeks-53 Bridge Street Carleton Place, Ontario–(613) 451-2769

would wear them with her Snow Stopper Gloves_ Have you seen them? SnowStoppers Mittens and gloves have a patented extended cuff to keep the mittens on and the snowout!



Impressions Ladies Fashions Ltd

Nancy’s Impressions–149 Bridge St–Carleton Place


Hey, it’s Adam Dowdall from–Mitchell’s Your Independent Grocer–455 McNeely Ave, Carleton Place-613-253-6206–What would he do wit a Carleton Place scarf? He would probably go metal detecting with it.


It’s Doug Hawkins from Graham’s Shoes– 139 Bridge St, Carleton Place,  (613) 257-3727

What would Doug do with it? Well that’s easy he said, “I’d wear it with my Sorel Boots!”


Ike Smith from The Barber Shop-38 Bridge St Carleton Place — 613-818-2028. He photographs like the masterpieces in the Louvre, and I couldn’t figure out which picture to use- so I put both. So what would Ike do with the Carleton Place scarf? He would wear it proudly, and I knew what he was going to say before he told me. Because you know what? He is just that sort of guy. Merry Christmas Ike and love to Dot.

no-swimming (11).jpg

This is  Jennifer Fenwick Irwin from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum. Go visit the museum at 267 Edmund St, in Carleton Place. What would she do with a Carleton Place Scarf? Well she would go  hunting down that elusive Carleton Place Alligator that some say still roams around and bring it back to the museum! Back photo of swamp by Mike Jeays


Everyone is wearing the Carleton Place scarves. Linda Gallipeau-Johnston used hers to decorate for the holidays and Bella and Romeo share theirs. Only 8 left!

images (82).jpg

Steve Yaver, formerly of Oakland, California would wear his Carleton Place scarf to rock out to music. Steve, a former Bay area Non Profit Direct Marketing Manager immigrated to Canada last February. In his former “secret life” he was a DJ on KALX FM in Berkeley, California as well as a music reviewer for the Bay Area-based Shredding Paper.


Our local author Natasha Peterson would wear her Carleton Place scarf while reading her books. Don’t forget to pick one of them up today.

Brock Zeman Triumphs Again!




Well Brock did it again!

Last year Brock’s song  Pulling Your Sword Out Of The Devil’s Back placed 2nd in the Americana category in The Unsigned Only Songwriting Competition

This year his song “Walking in the Dark” scored another second spot win in The Unsigned Only Songwriting Competition also in the Americana category.



I have put the video below of the song– and it is from The Pinball Sessions #1 – Brock Zeman. It’s Brock’s latest offering with long time band mates Blair Hogan and Dylan Roberts.

Let’s be proud of our hometown boy!

For more info go to www.brockzeman.com or www.bustedflatrecords.com

TOUR DATES–Click here




JULY 1st–2016


There is Just Something About Brock Zeman

Does Carleton Place Have the Number 1 Small Town Song?

There is Just Something About Brock Zeman



I have known Brock Zeman for years. I am not going to say how many years because that would date me. But there was many a time that Brock used to come into my store Flash Cadilac to chat. Then, there were the few times I gave him a ride home from some punk concert. That’s right– a punk concert! You see the Brock Zeman I knew was a punk rocker who sported a giant multi-coloured Mohawk. His first show was at Shawn Scallen’s and my club :“Two Steps Above” in Ottawa. I had forgotten that until he mentioned it. My how time flies!

After my store closed he and I were separated by thousands of miles, but I always wondered what happened to him. One day someone told he sang country music. I believe I said,” What the $%^& ? Are you joking?” After that I couldn’t quite place Brock with a cowboy hat on his head instead of a Mohawk. But, if he was happy and doing his best, then I was thrilled. I always knew he had talent, but did anyone really know how much?

Well Mr. Zeman has been slugging it out for a few years and producing great music. Of anyone in the Ottawa Valley music scene he deserves a lot more credit than he has been getting. This morning I just heard that Pulling Your Sword Out Of The Devil’s Back placed 2nd in the Americana category in The Unsigned Only Songwriting Competition. Not bad for a song without a chorus, like Brock said. When the judges are music’s finest like: Tom Waits, Lorde, Bill Withers and the list goes on, you know they have got to know what talent is. But didn’t everyone really know that it was already there?


The music business is run by money, and hard to get ahead without a break. Music is motivated by energy and feelings- everything of what Brock has. Nothing easy is worth anything, and there comes a time when lines meet and everybody can be happy. And that’s what it’s all about in the end – everybody being happy and having it work out. So Brock, you might not be a punk rocker anymore, but just know how proud I am of you. So very proud– and when the time comes, and I hit that music hall in the sky, come sing me a song.  Actually, I really like that tune of yours SWEAT. But you knew I would..:)

Congratulations Brock! Keep calm, carry on, and punk rock on my friend.

Published on 6 Apr 2012

In the lyrics, Brock Zeman says “it’s ugly and it’s wrong” but I say it’s a stellar piece of songwriting (about songwriting). Accompanied here by Roger Marin, this is brand new unrecorded material uploaded with Brock’s permission. Performed at the Gilmour Street Music Hall in Peterborough, Ontario in March 2012.


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Does Carleton Place Have the Number 1 Small Town Song?


So which town is favoured with the number 1 small Ontario town song?

Is it from my local favourite Brock Zeman?

We drink at the Bridge the Works, and the Moose and the Queens,

Where the women are—–lovely.

download (31)

How about Stompin Tom?

Who can’t pass the turnoff to nearby Carleton Place without thinking that’s the town where, so Tom told us, they believe local bodies of water were formed by sweat dripping off the face of Big Joe Mufferaw.

And they say Big Joe used to get real wet
From cutting down timber and working up a sweat
And everyone will tell you around Carlton Place
The Mississippi dripped onto Big Joe’s face

Pat Labron and Marilyn Lukas came up with a song.



By Pat Labron & The Carleton Place Singers
ALBUM: The Carlton Place Song- 1985
LABEL: Summit Sound




Three great women of Carleton Place– Marilyn Lukas, Mayor Melba Barker and singer of the Carleton Place song Pat Labron. Who was the gentleman in this photo? Thanks Jennifer Fenwick Irwin from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum for sending.


Canada’s small towns have produced some of the world’s most talented musicians, so it’s only fitting that rural roots have been the inspiration for a host of hit songs. What is the number one town song in Ontario? Sadly not one of ours. Neil Young has claimed he’s talking about a few small towns, the main one he’s referring to is Omemee, Ontario, northwest of Peterborough. It was his hometown as a child and is now home to the Youngtown Rock and Roll Museum.

Pat Lebron pictures and music from The Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum.

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Was the McNeely Bridge Funded on “Drinkin’ Fines”?



Brock Zeman’s lyrics in his song Carleton Place state that “the McNeely Bridge was funded by drinkin fines–we  all chipped in!”  I Googled that statement and I came with up nothing– as I knew I would as it is was I love calling folklore. However, an old newspaper article praised the new section of Highway 15 providing a route around the south side of Carleton Place. That bridge crosses the Mississippi river near the outlet of the lake was known as Indians Landing– the location of the old Indian  campground.


In 1823 John Hays crossed the river at nightfall and met his fate by the swift Spring current that carried him over the falls. Hugh Bolton was celebrating his 10th year in business and they were still crossing the river by boat.  In the winter the crossing was on the river ice when it was secure enough. The first bridge was built by Edmond Morphy, and it was a low level timber structure. The 1829 bridge was rebuilt by Hugh Boulton whose home still stands on Mill Street. When the bridge became unsafe Albert Teskey of Appleton was the next contractor. Our Carleton Place railway bridge was built to span the Mississippi at the location of the town’s present C.P.R. Bridge. The wooden railway bridge was replaced by one of steel construction on stone piers and designed by William Willoughby of Carleton Place.


I have written about our floating bridge that connected the end of Flora Street and the Hawthorne Mill. That bridge too was pretty shaky. In 1902 Abner Nichols & Son brought their season’s log drive down the lake to their newly opened sawmill at the riverside on Flora Street; while two drives of logs, ties and telegraph poles were reaching the mill operated by Williams, Edwards & Company at the dam. Basically, the floating bridge was no more than tied logs. I don’t think I could have crossed that bridge if someone had paid me.


Each summer found the main bridge in need of repairs. When I see that William Moore was the lowest bidder at $1400 to repair the bridge, no wonder. I know $1400 was an enormous amount of money in those days, but what did it really get you when you built a bridge. Then again, if you were firing a cannon from the middle of the bridge during the Carleton Place festive celebrations–that has to add to the wearing conditions of the bridge.

The Gilles company decided to add another bridge down by the portage area by McArthur Mill, where the island bridges still exist. They built a dam and mounted it by a planked bridge..The town’s old wooden bridge at the same time received its last major repairs, only to be shaken and damaged again by Spring waters.


A superstructure was talked about to replace the old Bridge Street bridge– no doubt because Pakenham was erecting their 5 span stone bridge. It was nothing but the best this time–wrought iron on stone piers. A Carleton Place bylaw to raise $10,000 to build an iron bridge across the river was voted approval in 1887. Tenders received by A. R. G. Peden, municipal clerk, led to contracts with William Willoughby of Carleton Place for its masonry piers and with Robert Waddell of Trenton, Ontario, for the iron work.


The foundation stones had to be laid in the water when seams in the rock bed of the river were found to prevent diversion of its flow by coffer dams. The wrought iron superstructure was ordered from Glasgow. During low water levels of the fall of 1887 the bridge was erected. While the rattle of its railings and the rumble of its planked surface or lower tie rods may be remembered by those who traveled on it until its replacement in 1928. The bridge had served adequately as a community and highway bridge for over forty years. One has to remember it was mostly foot and animal traffic. In  1910 there were only seven automobiles owned in Carleton Place, including a Buick, a Packard, a Reo, Fords and a Russell-Knight. In neighbouring notes: a steel bridge replaced the wooden bridge across the Mississippi River at Innisville in 1913.

So, in answer to the title Brock Zeman was wrong. The only place I can find something that was funded by drinkin’ fines is in New Jersey. Port Authority police, charged with patrolling and enforcing the law on the bridges as well as on their entrance and exit ramps, made about 400 drunken- driving arrests through Nov. 30 in Pennsylvania. They didn’t fund a bridge- it was something else.

On the back bumper of the new patrol car is painted, “Funded By: Drunk Driving Enforcement Fund.”


Photo Above by Robert MacDonald and all others from the files of the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum.



Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  04 Dec 1928, Tue,  Page 28


Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  01 Mar 1958, Sat,  Page 8

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