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15 Cents for a Movie– Memories of Ray Paquette

15 Cents for a Movie– Memories of Ray Paquette


In response to: “Larry Goldstein was a huge part of some our local kids lifestyle in the 1930s. Larry dealt in scrap metal and paper in a big way. On Saturday morning some of the Carleton Place kids would collect piles of newspapers and pieces of iron as much as two American Flyer wagons would hold”. From-Larry Goldstein and The Roxy Theatre of Carleton Place
Memories by Ray Paquette 
The Roxy Theatre was under the management of Bob Jack in my youth but the price of admission for the Saturday matinee remained at fifteen cents. The quarter that I was given as an allowance would gain me entrance to the movie (a cartoon short, a serial and a “B” Western) and leave ten cents to be spent on popcorn at the “show” or a comic book at *Mac Williams Drugstore on the way home.
Perhaps a correction is in order. I seem to recall it was Bill Irwin, not Irvine (corrected, thanks Ray) who owned the Playfair Bowling Alley, initially at the corner or Bridge and Mill streets (two lanes I believe) and later at the current location across from the Post Office. Mr. Irwin sold the bowling alley to Laurie Melrose and went into the real estate business.
Carly Holtzman 

My grandmother Hindalea (Hindy) is Larry’s third child and also third daughter. Larry married Betty Claman in 1934 and they had 5 children. Larry passed away in 2002. This article made my grandmother very happy and we would love to keep it on record for our family.



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