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Boomers of Carleton Place










Jack Dawes and Zab Vanderhyden opened up Boomers (Now the Thirsty Moose) in the hopes of offering the community a good eatery and a place for a night of  music and dancing. Vanderhyden worked the morning shift and Dawes covered the evenings.

How did Boomers get their name? Well they hoped it would appeal to baby boomers, but in reality, it was a tribute to old log boomers that once filled this town. Their lunch menu had nothing that was over $5.95 and they also offered a Sunday brunch. There was some speculation that a hot dog cart would soon end up on their patio as an added summer attraction. Did it?


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Should We Give Up Our Senior Discounts? – Zoomers


Should We Give Up Our Senior Discounts? – Zoomers.


“An article in Huffington Post written by Lorie Eber yesterday suggested we elderly give up our senior discounts to save the world and not leave future generations bankrupt. Is someone out of college more deserving of a price break than us? Is there really a difference between a senior discount and corporate discounts? What about the Wall Street predators and their “discounts”?  I just got my first Canada Pension payment this week and no one is taking that away from me. My neighbour also said if she stops getting her coupons for cat food somebody’s going to hear about it!”