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Weird Wendell’s Paperback Writers — Comic Book Day in Carleton Place


This was a Vintage Halloween Hat that was at the Carleton Place Beckwith Heritage Museum Hat Show in 2014


Wendell was a strange child, yet he was on a personal journey to read every book under the sun. His mother encouraged him to read as it made his world a little brighter after the passing of his father. His book choices however were not the norm, and he was ridiculed by the other children. One day Wendell made an odd hat to wear to school that left just enough room for his eyes to read. He felt the hat would protect him from the outside world.

Wendell had many favourite books, but the one he liked to read day in and day out was Heinrich Hoffman’s “Struwwelpeter” (Shockheaded Peter) It was a book of manners and mores for children with stories about the Scissor Man who cut off the thumbs of all the thumb-suckers.

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You see, his mother understood there were people out there who are buying these books because they’re looking for a way to explain something tactfully to a child. She wondered if there would ever be such a title to make Wendell remove his hat.

Wendell told her that kids know there is evil in the world. Kids are naturally self-centered, it’s part of being a kid. If bad things happen, they figure they must have done something bad to make it happen. But if other people have had similar experiences, maybe it wasn’t their own fault.

Books dealing with a parent’s alcoholism, traumatic experiences, and even things like a 9/11 colouring book help them see that other people have dealt with bad things, too. Do they help the children feel less desperately alone? Of course, it’s a thousand times easier to start a conversation around a book and then gently move it towards their own lives.

A child who won’t have anything to do with you will usually gradually open up with the help of a well-done book. It’s not just throwing a book at them and saying, “read this, you’ll be fine.” It’s a little stepping stone on the path to feeling better. They’re not idle reading, they’re for a therapeutic goal. In their own way, they give comfort. Maybe one day Wendall will find a book, or a comic book, which would allow him to finally remove his hat.

The End

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COMIC BOOK DAY MAY 2…Don’t forget to come down to Murray’s Flea Market next week!
To celebrate Super Hero Saturday on May 2nd from 10 am until 2 pm
Free Comics and prizes for all kids 12 and under who come dressed up. Halloween in May!
525 High Street
Carleton Place, Ontario
(613) 253-1804