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Yes, I agree Carrie Fisher — Blow Us!


Carrie Fisher has had enough of the body-shaming.

The “Star Wars” actress took to Twitter yesterday to shut down critics commenting on her appearance in “The Force Awakens.”


I wrote a blog about Carrie in 2012 when she joined the cast of Jenny Craig as I was generally annoyed with her decision.

Princess Leia Lost Her Battle with Jenny Craig


Princess Leia has lost the force so she says and joined Jenny Craig last year to become its newest celebrity spokesperson.  I was kind of shocked as Leia aka Carrie Fisher at one time said,

“I’m sorry I didn’t eat just lettuce and sunflower seeds!” Here’s what I’ll do: I’ll stop eating, stop the meds and you can come visit me in a mental hospital, where I’ll be really super thin and probably wearing the metal bikini.”

So what happened that she suddenly became so hypersensitive about her weight? Why has she dimmed her positive light saber on who she is? Obviously these days the fat and age bigotry train runs amuck on the rails. If you are not skinny or have tight facial skin you seem to be on the lower rungs of the storm troopers. How come men are not criticized as much on their looks as they get older and expand?

If we do not age gracefully should we be used as some sort of target practice by the young and the thin?  Public opinions about weight and appearance send people on the quest for anything that makes them look younger.

No matter what some of these women look like after going overboard through the car wash of self improvement they still receive criticism. I remember meeting a former customer five years after my store closed and he wondered why my face had changed in appearance. He kept asking me,

“What happened to you after that particular newspaper picture was taken of you? Did you have some sort of mental breakdown?”
I looked at him and laughed and told him it was nothing but aging. I most certainly was not built by Madame Tussaud and as Carrie Fisher said,

“I didn’t know when I was 20 and adorable that I’d signed a contract to look that way for the rest of my life. What are we pretending not to know? I’m not overweight? I am overweight. I’d rather claim it. Then it has less power over you,” she said. This way you don’t have anything on me. Better to have the good news out there with it.”


2015 Opinion

How about we recognize that actors are people too, just like the rest of us, with feelings, with all the same struggles and issues we all have. Just because their job puts them in the public eye doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be treated with the respect and courtesy we all do. Ugh, the anonymity of the internet sure shows off how cowardly and hurtful and ugly so many people can be. Get some manners people! What shallow, emotionless, narcissistic little droids some of these “cough” fans clearly are!

My first thought was how great she looked without hand grenades for ears. In my experience, the people who sit behind computer screens and bash actors for not looking eternally youthful are usually not very attractive themselves.

Why is it ‘men’ feel the need to qualify with “for her age” as if a woman can’t just look good. The qualifier betrays a woeful ignorance of what looking good means. I think she looks how you’d expect somebody who’s nearly sixty years old to look. Why is everybody so shocked? I was more surprised by Chewie. Either Wookiees don’t change much with age, or Chewie and Hans Solo have been smuggling crates of Just For Men.

What the heck did someone think a space pirate and a rebel leader would like after thirty years?

So many tossers, so little time. Screw Twitter!

Tennis – The Last Form of Bigotry? – Zoomer



Tennis – The Last Form of Bigotry? – Zoomer.



“One of the last forms of bigotry that seems to be socially accepted these days is to publicly hate or embarrass those who do not fit the celebrity fake ideal of “hot.” If you are a woman, it doesn’t matter how talented you are, what gifts you bring to the human race or what pristine character you possess, the arrangement of features, bone size and build determines your worth– and that my friends is truly sad.”