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Blueberry Shortages in Ramsay 1934 and 1894

Blueberry Shortages in Ramsay 1934 and 1894

The blueberry crop was said to be almost a complete failure in August 1894. Fire, thought to have been started by berry pickers burned across some 400 acres and menaced several farm homes in the Wolfe Grove section before it was brought under control by a heavy rain storm.

Although it was said the blaze started on a Thursday no general alarm was
given until the Saturday when the fire had gained considerable headway. Farmers did a lot of hard work fighting the flames and were meeting with little success until rain came to their assistance. Even after the fire was over remaining coals were still smouldering in the burned area and the situation was being watched closely. The blueberry bushes were destroyed.

In August of 1934, serious damage was done to the blueberry crop in the Almonte area as there was a lot of damage done by a hail storm. It did considerable harm through a paper of Ramsay and Huntley.

Several fields of grain belonging to Mr. Arthurs and Mr. P. Syme were badly threshed out by the hail, many of the stones measuring from 4 to 6 inches in circumference. In Beckwith too, many farmers suffered loss, while in North Elmsley the damage done to the the grain and vegetables was serious.

It was reported here that the dwelling of Mr. H. Cavers, Ramsay, was struck by lightning on Saturday.The report was untrue but Mr. Alex. Caver’s dwelling near Appleton was hit. The lightning struck the chimney, demolishing it entirely, and passed through the house, scattering the
plaster from the walls in all directions. The veranda was also shattered and
the posts ripped to pieces. No one was injured. The damage will amount to
about $200.

Other stories about Chimneys in Appleton

Appleton’s Twisted Chimney

Digital Photo, Fall 2012
Donated by Sarah Bennett
This digital photograph from 2012 shows the once famous log cabin cottage in Appleton owned by the Gilmour family (left side of photo). Here is the full story, written by Kenneth Godfrey:

My grandfather, Harry D. Gilmour built this cottage, and put a ‘beehive’ shaped stone fireplace into one corner. He asked Beatty Hamilton, a well-known bricklayer from Carleton Place, to build its chimney, but literally with a “twist”. Beatty was at first not pleased with the idea, as he feared that folks might think it a poor job on his part, but H.D. (who enjoyed verbal and visual jokes) prevailed, and persuaded him to build it as a spiral, and I think it stood for many years until a fairly recent renovation, and alas, the chimney (like many other unique quirks from the past) is no more.

The annual Union Hall Blueberry Tea was held on Sunday afternoon, August 27.   Judging from the feedback at the event, the chatter and laughter, and the smiles all around when the homemade desserts were served, the event was a great success!–https://millstonenews.com/community-enjoys-annual-union-hall-blueberry-tea/

Blueberries also have an interesting history! We’ve read that in Ireland, baskets of blueberries are still offered to a sweetheart in commemoration of the original fertility festival that happens each August 1. Although we don’t how true that is, it does sound lovely! They call it Lammas day, which is also their harvest celebration.

Did you know that blueberries are native to North America? Long before they were cultivated in the early 1900s, they grew wild, and were enjoyed by the Indigenous people. Of interest, they harvested the “star berries”, which are the blossom ends that form at the end of the berry, and is shaped like a five-point star. Thereafter, they ate them fresh or dried them for later use.

Something I did not Know About –Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust — From High Lonesome to Blueberry Hill

Stories From Fiddler’s Hill

Sept 1910 another fire

Riding on Lanark Back Roads Without Bears!


Apparently the blueberry crop is not that good this year and we are seeing more bears hitting civilization looking for food. Advice I have read so as not attract bears.

“Wild Wings Sign”” In the back country you need to take special care: Bears don’t like surprises!

Trust me they will not get any surprises from me! No not a one!

“Mailman’s Car going by me at 80mph in the distance. My question is why?”

“Bears check out anything smelly. If you can smell it, there’s a good chance a bear will pick up the scent and come to investigate.”

Good lord, I put on some Avon cream, will they come a knockin?”

“Wild Backroad Foliage”

“Change clothes you wore while cooking, before going to bed.”

I should hope so- that fish was pretty smelly!

“Would I really get out of my car for an eggs sign in bear country?

“In the backcountry, women should keep used tampons in sealed plastic bags.”

No problem I stopped breeding years ago.

“Now why is this road all locked off?”

“Always lock food in the trunk of your car.”

What? Bears never look in the backseat?

“Why is this box here and what the hell is it?”

“If you meet a bear Stay calm, talk quietly, don’t run- Seeing a bear is exciting; it can also be dangerous, Try to determine what kind of bear it is – black or grizzly.”

Exciting? Determine what kind of bear it is? Who writes this stuff?

“Now who in the hell would be playing ball here in the middle of nowhere?”

“Bears don’t want to attack you; they just want to make sure you’re not a threat. Sometimes bears will bluff their way out of a threatening situation by charging and then veering away at the last second.”

Tell that to the last person that was last chomped up!

“The sign says Attack Dogs are on Patrol- Is this a Marijuana Field?”

“Make a detour or leave the area: If this is impossible, wait until the bear moves away. Always leave the animal an escape route.”

He can have as much room as he wants with me.. seriously.

“The Gow Bus Stop 25 miles down a dirt road.. a chair? Really?

“Don’t throw anything: This could provoke a bear attack.”

Believe me I throw like a girl. Wait! I am a girl.

“Lots of pioneer sod homes on Piney Road”

“Any bear that approaches people, snaps it’s jaws, makes whoofing sounds, or lowers its head and lays its ears back, is displaying aggressiveness”

NO shit Sherlock!

“11 Km of chills and thrills on a gravel road”

“Back away slowly, never run!!: Bears run as fast as a racehorse!”

And I my friend run as fast as a menopausal woman.

“Back Off Canada- Leave our land alone or the British will be coming-again!”

“Talk softly: if a bear rears up on its hind legs and waves its nose about,
it is trying to identify you. Remain still and talk to the bear.”

So do I ask him how he liked Kim Kardashians wedding dress? What the hell was on her head
when she got married? Armenian princess tiara my ass!

“Looking for Hydro Poles to find civilzation- I have had enough adventure!”

“Climb if there’s a tree nearby to get away from the bear!”

LOL can you hear me know? A TREE????

“Duck Pond in the distance but too afraid to get out of car to get a closer shot.”

Bear attacks are rare.

Hmmm not what I have heard- are you picking this stuff out of the air? And the government pays you to write this stuff?

“Loose Gravel and Indian arrowheads might deflate my tires.”

Play dead. Curl up in a ball and cover your face, neck, and abdomen. Remain still until the bear leaves the area. These attacks seldom last more than a few minutes..

A few minutes? Thats all it takes to die!!

Canadian Bear Bait is really French fry grease from the local Chip Trucks”

“If you can’t climb a tree,  remember the bear may follow you. As a last resort,
try to intimidate the bear with a branch or rock.”

That’s right- take that and that and that!

“Linda kept the door open at all times and the car running during this photo shoot.”

“Bear Sprays contain a form of cayenne pepper that irritates the bear’s eyes and lungs. Wind and other factors may reduce the effectiveness. If the spray blows in your face, you will suffer the same effects as the bear.”

“Achoo”… or as Jerry Seinfeld says “You’re so good looking!”

Everyone except bears that is!

Images and text by Linda Seccaspina  on some god forsaken back road near Smiths Falls looking for some cemetery,

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