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1908 Almonte Autograph Book —T J O’Donnell-Ewart Moorhead- Edna Blair

1908 Almonte Autograph Book —T J O’Donnell-Ewart Moorhead- Edna Blair

T. J O’Donnell

Ewart Moorhead

April 8 1929

CLIPPED FROMThe Ottawa CitizenOttawa, Ontario, Canada09 Jul 1907, Tue  •  Page 9

CLIPPED FROMThe Ottawa JournalOttawa, Ontario, Canada09 Jun 1909, Wed  •  Page 12

CLIPPED FROMThe Lanark EraLanark, Ontario, Canada29 Jun 1910, Wed  •  Page 5

The owner of the autograph book was Ethel Sole and she began it in 1908

1908 Almonte Autograph Book —Arthur Clare Paul

1908 Autograph Book Ethel E Sole (Norris) Almonte

The CPHS Autograph Book –Christena Rygiel

Looking for Photos of ‘The Castle’ in Ashton

Looking for Photos of ‘The Castle’ in Ashton

In the books that were donated I have come across some interesting information about a home that was once in Ashton that was called, “The Castle”. It was believed to be build by Mr. Archie Blair and was an imposing 3 storey, 14 room frame bulding painted white.

It had a high roof with four gables and the surrounding verandahs were supported by broad pillars. Over the large hospitable French doors was a very ornate fanlight. Mr. Blair operated a shoemaking business over at the Forester’s Hall and had two sons: Dr. Blair and Jack Blair.

The imposing home was destroyed by fire. Living there at the time of the fire was Mrs. Archie Blair, her sisters Tina and Jessie McEwen and a brother Sandy McEwen. Sandy was in bed with a broken hip when the fire broke out at noon hour. Hilton Fleming was at his home nearby for his midday meal, noticed the smoke and realized that Sandy was upstairs and helpless scaled two fences and enetered the burning building. He was able to snatch Sandy in his arms and head for safety. Sandy kept shouting for his pants, but Mr. Fleming just screamed back ” to hell with your pants’ as he carried him to the safety of the Forrester’s Hall. The hall later was a residence owned by Mr. Slade.

RALPH WALLACE BURTON OIL ON BOARD Grey Wet November Day” Ashton, Ontario

with files from the book donations “Country Tales” Donated by- Ed and Shirley (Catherine) Simpson

The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
10 Jul 1942, Fri  •  Page 12
The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
30 Dec 1925, Wed  •  Page 2

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
27 May 1929, Mon  •  Page 2
Name:Archibald Blair
Marriage Date:4 Jan 1870
Marriage Place:Lanark County, Ontario, Canada
Spouse:Mary McEwen

1871 census

Name:Archibald Blair
Marital Status:Married
Birth Date:1847
Birth Place:Ontario
Residence Place:Goulburn, Carleton, Ontario
District Number:78
Religion:Weslyan Methodist
Occupation:Shoe Maker
Family Number:177
Neighbours:View others on page
Household MembersAgeArchibald Blair24Mary Blair20

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
30 Mar 1935, Sat  •  Page 46
The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
19 Feb 1897, Fri  •  Page 5

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What Happened to Lottie Blair of Clayton and Grace Cram of Glen Isle?

What Happened to Lottie Blair of Clayton and Grace Cram of Glen Isle?

Miss Lottie Blair of Clayton, who has been staying- with her aunt, Miss Fleming, and attending’ the high school, had to go to Ottawa and undergo an operation for an affection of the ear following an attack of la grippe. She is now at her home in Clayton and w ill soon he able to resume her studies at the school here –April 24 1907– Almonte Gazette

Rose Mary’s book -Whispers from the Past**

Thanks to Rose Mary’s book -Whispers from the Past**– I found out that Lottie Blair was the daughter of Wesley Levi Blair and was a teacher from 1913-1914 at the Clayton School. Her father Wesley Levi Blair was a a successful contractor building many a fine house in the Ottawa Valley and the son of Edward Blair. Edward was born in Shelburne Vermont, and arrived on a stolen family horse making a special entrance in the town of Clayton. He then went back to Vermont and married Emma Connor and returned to Clayton.

Of course no family story is complete without some sort of scandal. One of Edward’s daughter’s who would be Lottie’s aunt had the nerve to fall in love with a Catholic, Alexander McDonald. Knowing that her father Edward, who was a pillar of the local Methodist church would never allow a catholic to darken his door, the two eloped. Needless to say his daughter’s name was stricken from the family bible, never to be spoken about again, and they lived in Wisconsin and later in British Columbia. If you would like to read more of this story you will have to buy Rose Mary Sarsfield’s book.

****Whispers from the Past, History and Tales of Clayton” If you want to purchase a book please email Rose Mary Sarsfield at rose@sarsfield.ca or call me at 613-621-9300, or go to the Clayton Store, or Mill Street Books in Almonte.

1911 Census Lottie Blair

Name:Lottie Blair
Marital status:Single
Race or Tribe:English
Birth Date:Dec 1891
Birth Place:Ontario
Census Year:1911
Relation to Head of House:Daughter
District:Lanark North
District Number:89
Sub-District Number:10
Works at:Public School
Weeks Employed:40
Can Read:yes
Can Write:yes
Family Number:125
Neighbors:View others on page
Household Members:NameAgeLevi Wesley Blair45Jennie Blair49Lottie Blair19Jean F Blair15Alfred E Blair13Levi L Blair7Annie Fleming54Stanley Woodman20

Daniel Cram Homestead on Glen Isle (provided by Daniel W Cram b 1963)

Grace Cram

Whilst playing in the woods Saturday with some other children,- Gracie the daughter of Mr. Daniel Cram, Glen Isle, fell from a tree in which she was swinging, the branch breaking, and sustained such a shock that she was unconscious for an hour or so. No serious results are expected–April 24 1907– Almonte Gazette

1901 Census

Name:Grace Cram
Racial or Tribal Origin:Scotch
Marital status:Single
Birth Date:18 Jun 1894
Birth Place:Ontario
Relation to Head of House:Daughter
Can Speak English:Yes
District:Lanark (South/Sud)
District Number:81
Sub-District Number:2
Family Number:122
Neighbors:View others on page
Household Members:NameAgeDaniel Cram48Euphemia Cram35Laura E. Cram15Jessie M Cram13George M Cram11Robert G Cram8Grace Cram6John W Cram5William H Cram1Florence I Cram1

Grace H Guhl

DEATH4 Sep 1976
BURIALLake View CemeteryCleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, USA
Name:Grace H Cram
Marriage Date:4 Sep 1927
Form Type:Marriage
Birth Year:abt 1896
Birth Place:Canada
Mother:Euphemia Houston
Spouse:Benjamin Guhl
Spouse Age:29
Spouse Birth Year:abt 1898
Spouse Father:Mathew
Spouse Mother:Catherine Haller

Grace’s husband Benjamin Guhl was a World War 1 veteran and also worked for the railroad all his life. He died in 1970, 6 years before Grace and they are buried in the same cemetery.

Benjamin Guhl

DEATH12 Sep 1970
BURIALLake View CemeteryCleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, USA
PLOTSection 46 Lot 185-0
The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
22 Jul 1968, Mon  •  Page 24

Perth Courier, October 1, 1869

Allan-Cram—Married, at Brockville on the 14th (?) Sept. by Rev. Mr. Mulhern, Mr. Thomas Allan, Jr., of Perth to Miss Maggie Cram, 2nd daughter of Daniel Cram, Esq., of Glen Isle.

Daniel Cram (provided by Daniel W Cram b 1983)

July 21, 1968     Dan B. Cram Dies – 65th Year

The funeral of Daniel Boyd Cram took place July 23, from the Alan R. Barker Funeral Home, McArthur Avenue to the Baptist Church where Rev. John MacPhail assisted by Rev. Ron Crawford of Ottawa conducted the service. Interment was made in the United Cemeteries. Mr. Cram died in an Ottawa hospital, July 21 after an illness of many years. He was in his 65th year and had resided at Glen Isle. He was born October 22, 1903, a son of the late Daniel Cram and his wife, Euphemia Houston of Glen Isle. He attended the Carleton Place Baptist Church. He was predeceased by his four brothers. Murray, Glen, Jack, and William; also by two sisters, Miss Laura Cram and Jessie, Mrs. M. Wilkinson. Survivors include two sisters, Grace, Mrs. Ben Guhl of Cleveland and Florence,  Mrs. Harwood McCreary of Glen Isle. The pallbearers were Robert Anderson, Robert Hawkins, Bert Lowry, Dr. E. G. Cameron, Dan McCreary and Glen Robertso

Daniel Cram

beckwith township
Daniel Cram and his second wife Elizabeth Harness and don George Dunnett


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Pakenham Cheese & Butter Factory– McCreary Blair Storey

Pakenham Cheese & Butter Factory– McCreary Blair Storey

s-l1600 (10)



A vïllage on the C P R , in Pakenham Township, Lanark County, Ontario 30 miles east of Perth, the county seat, and 9 miles north of Almonte, the nearest bank location. It has Anglican, Catholic, Methodist and Presbyterian churches and a public school.

Telegraph G N W and C P R. Telephone connection. Exp, Dom.
Pop, 600.

H H Dickson, Postmaster


Baxter M J Miss, dressmaker
Burrows J F, blacksmith
Christnlann L O, jeweler
Cowan William, shoemaker
Dack G A, propr Commercial Hotel
Dickson H H, grocer
Dickson J L, tinware
Dunnet B W, general store
Ellis .A.H, agricultural implement agent
Ellis G A, butcher
Francis J H, roller mill,
Francis & Brazeau, woolen mill
Gemmell E W, physician
Givens J, blacksmith
Grace P J, hotel
Graham. Alex, div court clerk
Graham Robert, carriagemaker
Halliday Wm, banker,
Harvey Augustine harnessmaker
Hudson William, confectioner
Lesage Alexander, boots & shoes
Lunney W J, harnessmaker
Jaynch John, cooper
1VIcClinton G, tanner
Mayne R H Mrs, grocery
Mayne & McVicar, livery
Murphy J E, physician
Pakenham Drug Co, C M Stewart, Manager
Quackenbush George, barber
Quigley J B, undertaker
Robertson J M, general store
Scott R & Son, general store
Sheehan J Mrs, hotel
Smith John, carriagemaker
Sproule Charles, blacksmith
Steen -L L Miss, milliner
Tait A H. tinsmith
Willoughby Isaac, tailor



…from 1898-99 Eastern Ontario Gazetteer and Directory

PAKENHAM, a flourishing post village in Lanark County, Ontario, on the Mississippi River, with a station on the C.P.R. , 44 miles from Ottawa. It contains 4 churches (Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Presbyterian and Methodist) saw and flour mills, 1 woollen factory, 12 stores, 3 hotels, 1 bank, express and telegraph offices, etc., and has a large trade in lumber and country produce. Pop.  700  ..from Lovell’s 1906 Canada Gazetteer



Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  12 Dec 1947, Fri,  Page 28

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  31 Jan 1949, Mon,  Page 24


Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  03 Feb 1949, Thu,  Page 7

Robert N. McCreary, Prominent Resident Pakenham Township (1948) – Striking tribute to the memory of Robert Nelson McCreary, M.A., whose death occurred early Sunday morning, January 30th, was paid Tuesday afternoon at the funeral which was one of the largest in the Pakenham community. The funeral was held from his late home, Pakenham township, to St. Andrew’s United Church , where Rev. H. A. Turner paid a moving tribute to Robert N. McCreary, one of the church’s elders, his devotion to his church and his life long service to the community. Rev. Alexander Mills of Arnprior assisted in the service. Born at McCreary’s, near Carleton Place on July 27th, 1867, a son of the late Joseph Campbell McCreary and Harriet Bailey, deceased received his education at Carleton Place and St. Catherines High School and later Perth Model School. He obtained his Master of Arts from Queen’s University in 1893 and for a time taught school. In April, 1898 he located on the farm where he resided until his death, which followed after a brief illness since New Years. In November, 1900 he was married at Pakenham to Edna Victoria Elliott, who passed away in August, 1946. Surviving are two sons and three daughters – Elliott and Miriam at home, Dr. Robert H. of Arnprior, Kathleen, Mrs. E. W. Stirtan of Oakville , and Edna, Mrs. G. R. Anderson of Kingston . One brother, Hiram McCreary, ex M.L.A. of Carleton Place , is the last surviving member of a family of ten. There are four grandchildren, George and Robert Stirtan, and Nancy and William Anderson. Robert N. McCreary was an active citizen in his own community during his fifty years resident there. In 1920 he was elected as reeve of Pakenham township and for twelve years served that municipality. During that time he was elected warden of Lanark County in 1925 and was a member of the first Mothers Allowance Board and Old Age Pension Board of the county. He was honoured as­ first president of Lanark County Educational Association. In his own community, being a prominent dairyman, he was secretary of Pakenham Cheese and Butter Association, an office he held for over thirty years. Having served, as a trustee of S.S. No. 5, he was appointed secretary and served a quarter of a century in that office. He was a staunch Liberal in politics, on several occasions was urged to, be a candidate in the Lanark constituency. The burial service was held in Pakenham United  cemetery, pallbearers being Harwood McCreary, Howard McCreary, Peter Moffatt, Elmer Ross, Charles Campbell and Dawson Kerr. Among the numerous floral offerings were wreaths from the Session of St. Andrew’s United Church , Pakenham; the Doctors and Staff of the A. & D. Memorial hospital, and Pakenham Township Council.



Many Pay Tribute To Late Douglas Harold Blair (1949) – Tribute to the memory of Douglas Harold Blair well known resident of Pakenham was paid by an exceptionally large funeral which was held on Friday July 1 with interment in Union cemetery, Pakenham. Douglas, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Blair, a member of one of the oldest and best – known families of this district, died on June 28 in the A. and D. hospital, following three weeks illness, at the age of 18 years. The funeral was held form his late home to St. Andrew’s United church, Pakenham, for service. Rev. S. B. Cary of Kinburn Presbyterian church, of which he was a member, assisted by Rev. T. A. Turner conducted the service. The United choirs were in attendance. Mrs. C. H. Campbell sang Douglas ‘ favourite hymn “In the Garden”. His passing at so early an age cast a gloom over the community where he was so, deservedly popular. He was a member of St. Andrew’s church, Sunday School and Young People’s association, Kinburn, active in sports; member of Pakenham Hockey, Club and Junior farmer’s group; former member of calf club. He attended the Pakenham Public and High Schools and was a brilliant student. He helped on his father’s farm for the past four years. Douglas is survived by his parents, one sister and two brothers, Isabel, Jimmie and Ray, all of whom live at home. Included in the floral offerings were; Wreaths, Pakenham cheese and butter Co. , and cheese maker; The Junior farmer’s Club. Sprays, St. Andrew’s church, Kinburn; St. Andrew’s choir and Young Peoples Association, Kinburn; Hockey and Athletic association, Kinburn, Pakenham ball club, Pakenham Hockey club. Basket, Royal Bank. Pallbearer were six cousins; John Bradley, Dalton Bradley, Ebert Smith, Ernest Dodds, Blair Erskine and Ralph Armstrong. Friends attended from Ottawa , Renfrew, Lanark, Ferguson Falls Arnprior, Almonte, Guelph , Carp Campbell’s Bay, Shawville, and Green Mount, Maryland.






Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  18 May 1946, Sat,  Page 6


Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  08 Apr 1909, Thu,  Page 1


Almonte Gazette Pakenham August 6 1880

Street Improvements.— From’ the temporary manner in which our sidewalks are
being repaired, one would imagine they are not intended for use longer than this
K o w d t is m .—Last Thursday evening there was a disgraceful row immediately
opposite the P. O. If our lock-up cannot be made serviceable on occasion
we would like to know what it is for.

Witches. —Because we are deriving very little and in some cases no butter from our
travelling starved cows, many believe the cream is bewitched by a maliciously inclined
man or woman, supposed to receive power from the devil. It is astonishing how many Protestants, even church members,believe as strongly in superstition than they do in the Bible. We are inclined to ask what Protestant religion is doing when superstition is cultivated to such an alarming extent, W e must be getting back near the time when the witches were burned, and perhaps in our next we can give you the gratifying news of the capture and burning of this one.


Information where you can buy all Linda Seccaspina’s books-You can also read Linda in The Townships Sun andScreamin’ Mamas (USA)

Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place.



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Screenshot 2017-08-15 at 18.jpg

I have been writing about downtown Carleton Place Bridge Street for months and this is something I really want to do. Come join me in the Domino’s Parking lot- corner Lake Ave and Bridge, Carleton Place at 11 am Saturday September 16 (rain date September 17) for a free walkabout of Bridge Street. It’s history is way more than just stores. This walkabout is FREE BUT I will be carrying a pouch for donations to the Carleton Place Hospital as they have been so good to me. I don’t know if I will ever do another walking tour so come join me on something that has been on my bucket list since I began writing about Bridge Street. It’s always a good time–trust me.

Are You Ready to Visit the Open Doors?


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Lanark Village — Looking for Information for William Blair and Helen Watt


Fairie Cropped

We are seeking any information about the following family:

Sue Nelson from Wisconsin sent these photos to the Lanark County Genealogy Society. Her grandfather and grandmother were William T. Blair (1871 – 1947) and Helen Watt (1876 – ?)  both born in Lanark County. She has a number of photos in an old album that her grandfather and grandmother had. William emigrated to Ashland, Wisconsin and returned to Lanark and married Helen Watt in Lanark Village. He was a police officer there and later the police chief for many years.



William was born in Drummond Township, the youngest son of George Blair (1825 – 1914) & Mary McIlquham (1827- 1896). George and Mary lived in Drummond Township and  are buried in the Prestonvale Cemetery, Drummond Township.



This is the photo of a home which Sue says had the part of the building on the left removed the last time she saw it and also the little porch had been removed.
The other two photos are of a family, probably on a Sunday afternoon, all dressed in their Sunday best and quietly enjoying their leisure time in the appropriate fashion for the time period.