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The Art of Blaine Cornell

The Art of Blaine Cornell
January 18 ·
Blaine was an amazing artist. My Dad has had Blaine paint several special paintings for us over the years. This is one of my favourites.
Joann Voyce
Just last summer I got one of Blaine’s paintings at our class of 59 annual reunion. In our wilder days, Blaine was the bouncer between us and the Chief of Police. When we partied too hard, he would receive a call from his dad to settle us down before his dad would have to do it himself. Of course we obeyed instantly. LOL –Joann Voyce
Here are two painting that Blaine Cornell sold to me a few years ago! I had known Blaine from 5 years of age and had no idea he was an artist! I saw his paintings on display at Ballygiblins…. bought one And asked him if he had more…. I decided on the CP train station. I jad grabbed the snowscape off the wall at Ballygiblins! So talented!!!– Sylvia Giles

Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum
February 8, 2014  ·   · 

Some came with their own hat…
— with Shane Wm Edwards and Blaine Cornell.

last picture I rook of Blaine– Mississippi Mudds

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Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum8h · From the artist @tegs.letters: Hello there! My name is Tegan Wong, more commonly known as tegs. I am a self-taught lettering artist living in Ottawa. When the pandemic hit this year, I realized how important it was that I always make time for creativity in my life. Typically I work mostly with typography, however, recently I’ve found passion in drawing buildings as well.I’ve enjoyed capturing the beauty in Carleton Place Town Hall. It was built from 1895-1897 and will always be a strong piece of CP history. I hope that when you see this print, no matter where you are, it reminds you of being home for the holidays.If you’d like to see more of my work, I can be found as tegs.letters on Instagram.

Do you live at 138 Mary Street? Artist Mary Dodge painted this winter scene of your house in 1977. It’s for sale here: http://www.sportsbiz.bz/MaryDodge/gallery/55.htmThe Museum is lucky to have 5 of her local paintings in our collection.