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Remembering The Bingleys and the Barrs

Remembering The Bingleys and the Barrs
Barr family baseball 1962-From Lanark & District Museum

There were also three sisters of the 14 children: Dorothy, Ruth and Lulu-

Remember when the Bingleys played the Barrs? One of the most memorable games played in the Lanark area was when the Bingley brothers met the Barr brothers in an exhibition game in 1962.Nine brothers on each team, with a few Barrs to spare.

As part of the village’s centenial celebrations,someone thought about bringing the two families head to head on the baseball diamond. So alonf with the beard-growing contest, the hotly contested tuf-of-wars, greased pig catching street dance, the ball game was the afternoon highlight. It was the biggest crowd ever to witness a ball game in Lanark.

The Bingley familiy had produced an outstanding number of ball players, many who were playing on teams at that time. They had also won a game at McDonalds Corners some time earlier playing as a family team.

The Barrs had 11 boys, with Leonard and Pete who were known as outstanding ball players, but the others had played periodically. That day however, Pete was stationed in Germany in the Canadian Armed Forces. The Bingley bats struck early and often, while the Barrs struggled against a tough pitcher. Dan Barr, then 25 and the catcher remembers that they couldn’t get many timely hits. When the final out was made, the score was a lopsided 15-1 for the Bingleys.

But, everyone had enjoyed the competition and the good sportsmanship. Vernon Bingley, a home run hitter that day, recalls that there were not a better bunch of guys than the Barrs. Dan Barr rememebers that he contributed to the Barr’s one run, but his team as a whole didnt have a great game. He recalled with a grin that maybe there was too much celebrating before the game that might have been the cause. But, no one really cared about teh score, it was just the day that Bingleys beat the Barrs.

with files from Tom Shoebridge

from the Lanark & District Museum..

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The photograph from the early 1950’s captured The Barr Clan in the family’s Tatlock homestead which was destroyed by fire Jan 1. Family members in the front row were, (left to right), Glen, Dan, Donnie, Jean, Mack and Leonard. The back row consisted of Dewey, Lulu (Craig), Harris, Dorothy (Wallace), Graydon, Ruth (Houston), Ronald and Jack. Peter and Craig were missing from the shot which Gail Barr submitted.
— with Maxine Topping.
awa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
16 Mar 1955, Wed  •  Page 9