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Symington Farm Equipment — Lowry Symington History

Symington Farm Equipment — Lowry Symington History
Feb 11 1971

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
29 Nov 1968, Fri  •  Page 18

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The Lanark Era
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14 Sep 1898, Wed  •  Page 4

Things About Bill Lowry 1998

Things About Bill Lowry 1998



In 1998 he had spent 27 years on the Almonte and Ramsay Fire Dept.

Bill had also spent a 7 year term in Almonte as a police officer, resigning in 1971 and joining the Fire Dept. as a volunteer.

He became a deputy fire chief in 1973 and assumed the chief’s role in 1978.

In 1973 they were getting 20-25 calls a year and in 1998 it was over 200.

Rescue units accounted for about 20-25 of the calls while most of the others are alarms or carbon monoxide detectors.

It used to be an employer thought having a firefighter in the fold and now when they do sometimes they can’t get away and they do it without pay.

Bill said people do not understand outside the fire dept the toll the job takes on volunteers. Unless you’ve been there, you have no idea.

The goal is to beat the fire before it does any damage. After the fire, you can tell if the firefighters are upset as they become quiet or start to drink. You have to be ready to talk to them about the stress.

You remember fires, accidents and sometimes you wake up seeing the victim’s faces years after.

In this election season Bill Lowry’s word’s from 20 years ago reminded me of people bringing a list of complaints and wanting everything under the sun for the new councils to approve. Not one person says they ever want a new fire truck or something for the fire dept.

What do remember about Bill Lowry?


Linda Nilson-Rogers I had a chat with Bill not to long ago, he lived (lives) near where my parents lived. We were laughing about the time I drove illegally from Cedar Hill to Almonte, to the License Bureau 1 month late, to get my new plate, and had to ask for a screw driver to put it on! The license bureau was then across the street from the police station, he had retired from the force then. I always found him to be a kind but dutiful police officer.

James R. McIsaac I first met Bill when I started on the ambulance in 1974, did a lot of rescue calls with him over the years, super guy, I even had his 2 sons work for me over the years…good memories.

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