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The Spring on the 10th Line? Photos by Tammy Jordan

The Spring on  the 10th Line? Photos by Tammy Jordan



Photo- Tammy Jordan


The Spring at the 10th line was known to every person who spent any time on Mississippi Lake–-Carleton Place Canadian 1952

Our illustrious photographer Tammy Jordan went out looking for it. Is this it?

So I found water flowing, can’t figure out from where! Crossed a no trespassing sign and still could not find the source. It comes from across a field and crosses the 10th line, then horse shoes around and comes back under the 10th line! Strange!- Tammy Jordan



Photo- Tammy Jordan



Illustration by- Tammy Jordan


So what do you know about the 10th line Spring. Please leave comments.




Beckwith Nature Trail

Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read.

Information where you can buy all Linda Seccaspina’s books-You can also read Linda in Hometown News and now in The Townships Sun

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So What’s Going On at Home Depot or Rona Land?




Photo by Bill and Carole Flint- our local sky pilots

My Carleton Place friend Sarah Cavanagh is also a writer for Hometown News like I am- and does tons of other local community things you have no idea about. I am hoping when I pass on to the Little House on the Prairie in the sky she carries on for me– as there is no one else I’d rather have write about our area.

Our Sky Pilot Bill Flint took this picture this week and it made me wonder..

So, Sarah Cavanagh–what is going on there?

The Beckwith Trail?

It’s the paved straight part at the top of the picture with the road that veers to the right. (the end of that side road is the pond) It runs straight past Home Depot to the 10th line and then from the 10th line to the 9th line of Beckwith.

The first part of the trail is mostly farmer’s fields, but there’s a pond off to the side the kids like to throw rocks in and there’s frogs and minnows.  Although it’s used often as a dumping ground 😞 the 10th line to the 9th line portion is really nice. It is well treed and maintained and has a lovely section through the wetlands with cat tails taller than we are. It comes out just down the road from Beckwith Park.


The best thing to happen to that whole area will be the development of it actually. 
I was researching the development plans for the area, and it actually sounds very nice – a community centre, 2 new elementary schools, parks, 15 hectres of natural space/park…sounds a lot nicer then the dump for sure! 


Thanks Sarah…for all you do!