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Clippings of the McEwens and the Beckwith Quarry

Clippings of the McEwens and the Beckwith Quarry
Lorne McNeely crushing rock in the Beckwith quarry
One of the largest crushers was a model produced by Taylor Engineering in 1919. It had a 60-inch (152-cm) receiving opening and remained in first place until Taylor produced the 72-inch (183-cm) gyratory crusher in 1969. It served as the world’s biggest and only machine at that size until 2001,

april 1873
The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
07 Oct 1899, Sat • Page 6
Findlay C McEwen
3 March 1844–19 June 1922

Different location but same idea for the Beckwith and Almonte Quarries-Joel Barter
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Scotstown Quarry

Finley Kearney McEwen


Finley Kearney McEwen was 95 in September. He owned the farm that borders the Beckwith airport. He had a brother Keith and another Fraser. Finlay has one son Paul, Fraser had no children, but Keith did have. Finlay was one of the original Beckwith firemen..

The farm has been sold I think for housing development and Finley and Mary have moved to bungalow off the tenth line.

The Findlay McEwen mentioned in the ad above would be Finleys grandfather who was married to Elexey Duff.. Finley’s father was William.

Name:Finlay McEwen
Birth Place:Beckwith Township
Residence:Beckwith Township
Spouse Name:Elexi Duff
Spouse Age:23
Spouse Birth Place:Scotland
Spouse Residence:Beckwith Township
Marriage Date:21 Mar 1862
Father Name:Hugh Cott Mc Ewen
Spouse Father Name:William Duff
Spouse Mother Name:May Duff
Microfilm Roll:1030059

Samantha Rye–That’s my uncle Findlay 🙂 the farm is called Glen Athol and if you’d like a detailed history of it/the CP McEwens let me know

Scott HendersonSuch a nice man. Findlay and my dad we’re partners in a hobby steam engine. Spent many a Saturday at the his farm with my dad working on the steam engine

Phyllis ByrneWe bought a lot of lumber from this lovely man. You could talk to him all day long. So informative.

Roy CokerGreat friend. We determined through comparing notes that I had worked with his brother on helicopters in the Canadian Navy

The Lanark Era
Lanark, Ontario, Canada
27 Nov 1895, Wed  •  Page 5