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Yes-The Bear Attack in The Revenant Happened in Abundance!



Is that scene in The Revenant far fetched? No siree Bob. Please do not read this if things like bear maulings bother you. The thing is- I read about these things every single day, and I don’t know why I felt I had to share this–but I do:)


Eaten up by a Bear–Almonte Gazette— July 23, 1889

An account has been received of the terrible fate which befel a settler named Wilson, near the Mississippi, about seven miles from Carleton Place. A tanner of that region had set a trap a short distance from his house, and was surprised shortly afterwards to find the chain broken, and the trap gone.

As it afterwards proved,  a large sized bear had got his leg in the trap and carried it a considerable distance. Wilson started out from his house in quest of some lost cattle, taking his little boy with him. They had penetrated quite a distance into the woods, when the father fell upon the bear, still with a piece of the trap attached to the animal’s leg.


The bear, already exasperated with the trap, sprang up and seized the man, who, being empty handed, was perfectly powerless to resist. Seeing that his own fate was inevitable, ha shouted to his boy to run home, which the little fellow did, alarming his mother and the neighbors with the terrible news about his father.

Several men soon hastened back with him to the spot, but only in time to find the brute gnawing at the flesh of poor Wilson’s remains. Many weeks ago an account was published of the death, under precisely similar circumstances, of John Dennison, of Dennison’s Bridge, on the Madawaska.

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