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Bea Gladish — Artist — Looking for some Information for her Granddaughter

Bea Gladish — Artist — Looking for some Information for her Granddaughter

I love this photo of Max and Bea Gladish from the St. James Directory with a photo of her daughter Krista behind them. Bea always had hugs and kind words for me when life wasn’t going the right way, and I miss seeing her in the front left hand pew at church. Max would sometimes whisper softly to me in church asking for a pie or something for a fundraiser. What I guess I missed was that she was quite the artist and we are looking for some information if you can help.

This morning I got an email from her granddaughter, Andy Penson. I told her that I knew her Grandmother well and I knew we could all send some love and maybe some information to her.


I thought I’d be able to post in this group. I was looking for information about my grandmothers paintings. I know she painted a lot and has many paintings through out Carlton Place but I don’t have any myself! I was hoping to learn more about my grandmother and see what paintings she has out there. Her name was Beatrice Gladish. She went by Bea, but I don’t know how she signed her paintings. She lived in Carlton Place and lived with my grandfather Max Gladish.

She was an amazing person!! She really taught me about love and community, but wasn’t painting much since I’ve been around. We miss her so much. Thank you for posting this! –Andy Penson

A nice photo of the late Bea Gladish Krista Gladish Penson
Thanks to Doris Blackburn/ Karen Blackburn Chenier Heritage days Caldwell 1991

Sandra RattrayShe was a very nice lady. I bought her bicycle a number of years ago. It had hardly been used and I didn’t use it much.

Barbara PurdySorry to hear this. She was a lovely lady.

Debra J DavidsonShe was a member of our Auxiliary. Lovely lady.

Tim CampbellWe knew Bea, Max and Krista very well and I used to see Bea when she was at the Manor. She was a terrific lady. She will be missed by us all.

Rose Mary SarsfieldShe was a lovely lady!

Bea Gladish photo- granddaughter Andy Penson

So can we help Andy with memories for her granddaughter?

Thank you