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Would You Go Out Without Makeup?


Is something wrong with our society when others clap and cheer just because celeb women are brave enough to come out on stage with no make-up on?

Some commented on different sites that the secret is now out why so many relationships start to go down hill after that first sleepover. Other comments said they looked like they were dragged over 40 miles of bad road – face first. That made me angry, and kudos to all ladies who forgo makeup daily for their inner beauty– as we are all beautiful ladies – inside and out.

Special note to the person that I once saw comment somewhere that all 50 something-year-old women should be in makeup all the time.
This is a picture of me as raw as you can get this morning. I am what I am and proud of it at the age of 64, and yes, I do glow in the dark. Actually, my British-bred white skin can summon boats lost at sea better than any lighthouse.

I challenge every single woman to do this!


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What Should I Wear to Ladies Who Lunch?



This week I have been asked by many what they should wear to Ladies Who Lunch in Carleton Place this Saturday, June 6th.  What should I wear to show people I have ‘rattled my pies’. Rattle your pies? What the heck is that?  Last year I read a blog about “rattling pies in the sky” by a friend named Kit Duncan and was confused because I had never heard that term before. Being Canadian I have heard of a “pie in the sky”, but no where had I heard of pies being rattled. I sat there after reading her post and wondered how much pie rattling I really had accomplished.

When I was 14, because of my theatrical flare of dressing, people told me I should become a fashion designer. My father could not deal with those specific “pies” and the constant conversation of my dreams to him were ignored. He found me “flighty” and way too creative for anyone’s good, and when I was having trouble in school he strongly suggested a stint in the Canadian Army, like he had done.

My grandfather, concerned about not losing the “creative child” as he called me, insisted I be sent to England to the London School of Design. It was 1967, and I had dreams of Carnaby Street, the Beatles and fashion. My father was not amused and he wanted my pies in the sky kept at home and preferably on Canadian soil. Long story short, my grandfather died in early August of that year and any promise of schooling in the UK came to a screeching halt. After a lot of arguing I left home and attended fashion design school in Montreal.

Was it the right pie in the sky?

I think so.

I worked very hard and opened my own business at age 24. From 1976-1997 I owned a couple of clothing stores that made an impact on the Ottawa Valley locals. Through my clothing designs I let people become who they wanted to be through fashion as I applauded their acceptance of being themselves. I told them that being different was okay. Watching my shoppers grow up and having their children come into my stores was amazing. First and foremost; it was always important to me to always be there for those who needed to talk and for those who felt the pressures of being unique.

So come as yourself. Be yourself-you don’t need to prove to anyone who you are by what you wear–because you are all talented and unique in your own way. Remember, she believed she could, so she did. You don’t need fancy clothes for that.

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You’ll Always Be My Superhero – Super Dooper Hero Day Carleton Place Photos


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THIS WAS 2015– Come on down tomorrow for 2016 events!!




LAWS -Heroes Taking care of our Lanark Animals (shhhh Beth is the Cat)








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My personal superhero Mary Cook


Life hits you hard. But it takes you three seconds to decide if you are a superhero or not.