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How Many Times Should You Bathe?

How Many Times Should You Bathe?

King John, who signed the Magna Carta in 1215, bathed only once every three weeks. Bathing took on glamour once more when Napoleon gave Josephine a bathtub. By this time the bathe or not to bathe impact had hit North America. In three of the United States, bathing was illegal and any Philadelphian who bathed more frequently than once a month was jailed if caught. The Victorians bathed, but considered it sinful to use soap with a fragrance.

According to musty records, Queen Elizabeth I bathed only once a month ‘whether she need it or not’. Her Royal contemporaries doused themselves with perfume to avoid bothersome bathing, but 200 years later King George IV caught the bathing habit. At the Royal pavilion at Brighton King George installed a marble bathtub that measured 16 feet long, 10 feet wide and 6 feet deep. Queen Victoria had the first tub a modest model installed in Buckingham Palace.

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Bridge Street– notice the Curb Service mention on the toilet.–Photo- Karen Blackburn Chenier 

What Happens if you do not bathe– and NO this is not a personal account LOLOL– Please I take showers 🙂

The first two weeks for me are always fine. I like to think of bathes as leisure and a luxury. So, the first two weeks: My hair is not oily besides from what I put it. I do use deodorant, but it’s arm and hammer original (meaning there’s no scent to it). My skin and face do not ever break out, but then again, my skin is drier than some, so I really get breakouts anyway. My skin isn’t ashy because my oil glands are working to keep my skin as healthy as possible.

By the third week, my skin was starting to be ashy. It’s the kind of ashy you notice only if you scratch it. You won’t notice it much, but your skin is building layers and layers of dead skin. Unless you want what I’m about to tell you, I suggest you take a bath/shower (whichever you prefer) some time soon. By the way, you have last longer if you don’t wear covering clothes. Your skin cells fly away every single day, minute, second. I wore shorts for the first three weeks, so there wasn’t much of a problem. If you’re wearing pants or a sweater, your skin will build up faster and be more compact, meaning it will be harder to clean by the fourth week.

On the fourth week, (for me, that is now) I started wearing this pj set my aunt got me and it covers me legs good. The second day I had it on, I saw it was rubbing against my calf/ankle a lot. My skin was really ashy by now, but you’d only know if you scratch it. Recently about 3 days ago, I started noticing these little bumps with liquid inside of them on my skin in various spots. At first I thought it was because my cat scratched me a little so I didn’t think much of it. The day after I noticed it was getting slightly bigger ( about the size of half a grain of rice, which is relatively decent sized for a bump of any kind), I cut it open with cuticle scissors. Why? I got curious and said “why not?” Again, I still didn’t think much of it, but I saw more forming. I have, at this very moment, four small bumps on my right wrist.

About 45 minutes, I tried to take a bath. I put coco butter oil in the water to relax. I knew I had a buildup of skin on my body and I wanted it off. Turns out, since oil is a lipid (think about trying to mix vegetable oil and water together or do it and you’ll see what I’m talking about), it made the “dirt” come off easier and stick together. Sad news is a month is a long time for skin to buildup and spent the whole time scraping it off with my nails (not harshly) and managed to get only the bottom of my leg clean. I didn’t want to touch other areas because it’s a hassle when drying off. It basically rubs everything everywhere, so I let myself air dry.

That’s s how my month went. Hope this gives you some sort of image to help answer your question.

*Things to mention: I did not have a smell whatsoever. HONEST. My privates were not harmed, irritated, nor had any kind of problem whatsoever. This is only affected me skin wise. I used every other hygenic thing- toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant. I would’ve used shampoo but I had my hair in braids. When I took them down, I simply added product because before it got braided, I washed it and only added growth oil every maybe 3 days to a week. My face naturally is smooth and clear. I don’t break out very often and if I do, it’s because something foreign touched it. (Ex. Someone else’s hand, lotion, dirt from outside yard work.) I’ll add a little moisturizer and thats about it. This was an accident because I had way too much on my plate this past month (Mid-Sept to Mid-Oct). I bathe but I don’t consider it a priority. I never have, to be honest. This is probably the last time I’ll do something like this. It’ll probably take me three to five good baths to scrub this gunk off.

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
27 Jun 1935, Thu  •  Page 17

‘I don’t smell!’ Meet the people who have stopped washing