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To Steal a Barge on Ebb’s Bay— Your Convictions of 1897



November 11 1897 

The case of John Moore against Wm. Morris of unlawfully appropriating a barge lying in Ebbs’ Bay, on Mississippi Lake, came before His Honor Judge Senkler in Perth on Monday. The act being without intent, the defendant was discharged as not guilty.— Carleton Place Herald


Men, women and children worked long hard hours and sometimes in dangerous conditions to ensure the boats and cargos reached their destinations. Transportation of goods was very much a family affair, with even the children learning to help. The work was hard and tough and these Mississippi River transporters should be remembered. Who knows what happened in this case, but it must have been serious enough to warrant coming before a judge. Or was it just a quarrel?


Return of Convictions for the Period Ending March 8 1897

Disturbing Meeting of Religious Worship

Joseph Foster, complainant James Scott, fine $1

Allowing Persons In Bar During Prohibited Hours

Walter McIlquham, fined $20

Jas. E. Rathwell, fined $20


Walton B. Stewart, fined $4

John Boone, fined #1

Fast Driving on the Street

William McGuire, fined 44

Robert Cowie, fined $2


Thomas Lee, fined $2

Michael Lee, fined $1

John Murphy, fined $8.50


Isaac Malone, four months in gaol

Henry Russell, George Martin, John Kelly, Hynes McDonald, John Gilligan, W. Baker, all thirty days in gaol

Damage to Property:

John Boone, fined $1

Insulting Language:

Jas. O’Donohoe, fined $1

Drunk and Disorderly:

James Twohey, fined $11

James O”Meara, fined $11

Jos. Bissonette, fined $2

Thomas Saunders, fined $4

Breach of Early Closing Bylaw:

James Murray, fined #3.25

Perth Courier, April 15, 1898


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Could Carleton Place Become Known as The Town of Barges?



This is my forever friend Danny O’Shea’s ex-wife, Maxine’s business. She opened a barge business in the Leicaster UK area.



Who knew?

barge3Photo- Sherry Crummy 2015

Well ladies and gentlemen, they are becoming new businesses for towns that have a waterfront. They attract business to their towns, dock at different locations, and use social media to attract their clientele, much like food trucks do. They would be be a type of businesses that would attract a niche crowd and many tourists. There may be grocery stores in town but how about a specialty fruit store on the water?  Or maybe take a couple of concepts and roll with it. How about a book store or a place to snack while you relax in front of the Mississippi?

Nautical but nice: Paddy Screech of Word on the Water book barge  pictured at Camden Lock, London.

Photo: Rii Schroer
Maybe entice a business offering scenic trips down the Mississippi like they used to do. This type of waterfront activity is of course seasonal— but it would attract tourists. What have we got to lose? They said food trucks wouldn’t last, and the many city powers to be fought them– but they are now the number one growing small business. Have you been to Almonte’s food truck The Cuban Mix? Have you seen the traffic they get? With all the waterfront we have it could easily be done. Don’t let another town take another idea!

One example of how slowly even simple things change in this town — from the Carleton Place Kings site.

The late Angelo Seccaspina was a former owner of the Carleton Place Jr B Kings in the 2000’s and sold the team to now owner of the Canadians Jason Clarke. Mr. Seccaspina laid the foundation for this Jr A franchise spoke owner Jason Clarke. “This franchise would not exist in Carleton Place if it were not for Mr. Seccaspina. Angelo presented this opportunity to the Town of Carleton Place 15 years ago. (Author’s note- the town council TURNED DOWN his request flat)

He set the standards of what was to be needed very high to ensure the team would be run first class and have a chance to be competitive right away, unfortunately he was about 10 years ahead of his time.” said Clarke.

“When I purchased the Jr B team from Mr. Seccaspina in 2007 he asked me if I had a plan to move the franchise up to Jr A, I told him that was apart of the plan,” said Clarke. When the time came I leaned on Mr. Seccaspina for some advice. I presented his original proposal with only a few changes and here we are today.

Why did we have to wait so long? Why do we balk change in Carleton Place?


When I hear someone say, “We can’t do it” . . . I say to myself, “What do you mean you can’t do it?” Maybe you don’t want to do it, but saying you “can’t” do it is a completely different story.

With the right mindset, positive attitude, and a clear vision of what you want to accomplish, the only thing that is holding the town back is the word can’t.

Can’t is a terrible word and it has to be taken out of  everybody’s vocabulary.


Carleton Place steamer ferrying people up and down the Mississippi for jaunts and picnics.

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