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Romancing the Carleton Place Stone – Out of Business




Word on the street is that the present renovations to the old mill are now under water.

This is not a unique story–My home was built in three parts beginning in 1867. One of the owners that owned the home for many many years before me had the same dilemma. It has been told to me many times that they burnt furniture in the fireplace to keep the house warm in the dead of winter.

When we bought Springside Hall we could see the sky inside the house, and all the poor old gal had left to offer was one hanging light bulb. Every time I take a deep breath I swear something falls apart. Preserving the architectural integrity of an older home or building is a challenge to anyone these days. This particular job that they undertook was momentousness in financial costs, and my heart breaks for the old mill and the people that took up the challenge IF THIS RUMOUR IS TRUE.

Monday Feb, 2016 our clever man about town David Robertson added this info:

“From this link attached it looks like it going to marketed back as commercial /industrial use and not being converted to residential apartments – see property info in listing”

150 Rosamond St, Carleton Place, ON
$1,500.00 /month

150 Rosamond St, Carleton Place, Ontario, K7C 1V2