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I Wish Adults Knew —– Bad Art Night at the Carleton Place Library


It was a chilly Tuesday night outside the Carleton Place Library.  Inside, there was a nice cozy room with adults, not kids, making Bad Art. First you had to draw yourself on paper on top of your head, then  you progressed to the real stuff. For a final reward medals and tootise roll pops were handed out to all.

And so it goes. There is no bad art. There are no bad artists. There are just people working toward something unseen. Being an adult can be fun when you are acting as a child like at Bad Art Night. After all adults are only kids grown up anyways.


So what kind of questions do we as adults and kids want everyone to know?


That I am very talented but I hide my talents because I have stage fright.


I wish everyone understood how to work their phones. —Kayla Barnes, Grade 4


I wish you knew how to stop a nagging sister, or brother.


I wish you understood what kids were talking about most of the time. —Sam Mazza Bergeron, Grade 3


That we don’t get some of the words they tell us. —Cleo Miller-Young, Grade 4


I wish you knew that sometimes my smile is a broken smile. I wish you understood my vision.—Tyler Smith, Grade 4


That you have a right for everything and you learn from mistakes, just let mistakes happen– you learn from mistakes! —Morgan Curtis, Grade 3


That everyone needs a friend. —Samantha Evans, Grade 3

And so, everyone made friends on Bad Art Night- Please join us next time!

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