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Clippings from the Lord Elgin Hotel — Babysitting and The Iron Curtain

Clippings from the Lord Elgin Hotel — Babysitting and The Iron Curtain
Almonte Gazette 1955

I found this in a 1955 newspaper and did you know they still offer child care services?? Amazing!

So I decided to see if there were other things we did not know.

Lost Ottawa
April 20, 2020  · 

If you are running out of movies to watch while isolating your self, Glenn Clark has a Lost Ottawa suggestion for you, and here is a screen grab.
Explains Glenn:
“This is a shot extracted from the movie ‘The Iron Curtain’ at 8 minutes and 15 seconds showing a bit of Lost Ottawa. The two stars Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney arrived in Ottawa for filming on November 26, 1947 and left on December 6th and December 2nd respectively. Gene Tierney had stayed at the Roxborough Apartments while Dana Andrews had stayed at the Lord Elgin Hotel.
Many may remember that Hull Electric had a streetcar terminus at the Chateau Laurier. There were two stairways descending from the bridge immediately west of the Chateau Laurier. On March 29,1946, a fire at E.B. Eddy seriously damaged the north end of the Interprovincial bridge and permanently ended Hull Electric streetcar service to Ottawa and the Chateau Laurier.
This picture captures the recently lost entrance to the Hull Electric terminus, boarded up and marked ‘CLOSED’ and between the two actors, the stone pillar reads ‘Hull Electric’. The actress had just previously walked by the other entrance.”
Lost Ottawa
August 28, 2019  · 
Gord Mills shares a picture of the last time Ottawa’s Chateau Laurier got a new wing …. way back in 1927. It matched!
If I remember correctly, the new wing didn’t actually open until 1929.The limestone came from the Ritchie Cut Stone company.
Lost Ottawa
July 20, 2014  · 

Bar list for Ottawa’s Lord Elgin Hotel, which opened in 1941.
Some interesting drinks on this list — although I’m not sure I remember the Laurel Lounge — and what a “Flip?” For 70 cents, however, I might just stay with Scotch.
Teacher’s was my Grandfather’s favorite. But then he was Scottish.
Lost Ottawa
February 6, 2016  · 
Ottawa’s other “railway hotel” the Lord Elgin under construction in 1941. It was originally built by the Ford Hotel chain (no relation to the car company) in response to the shortage of hotel rooms in the city.
Read the early history at: http://lordelginhotel.ca/lord-elgin-hotel-celebrates-75…/
Lost Ottawa
July 20, 2014  · 
Joel shares a fact sheet for the Lord Elgin Hotel, dated 1975.
It appears to say the room rates for downtown Ottawa were an outrageous $18.90 for a double bed! On the other hand … you could walk to a church of any denomination.
The National Tourist Brokers Association no longer seems to exist according to a quick check of Google.
Peter Clark
February 5, 2014  · 
Here’s an old newspaper ad from the Ottawa Journal on December 2, 1940.


Humans Of The Lord Elgin – part 1

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Jack’s in Charge-Scary Stories — From the Pen of Noreen Tyers

Jack’s in Charge-Scary Stories — From the Pen of Noreen Tyers
Dear Linda
Another story for you

Childhood , Oh so scary childhood “Mom don’t leave big brother in charge” maybe we can come with you… Please!

Jack’s in Charge-Scary Stories
I have a brother who I love dearly but as a twelve year old left in charge of his two younger sisters while Mom and Dad went down the street three doors away to visit Grandparents.  Brother dear was left in charge, OH DEAR, oh dear.

My Brother, could not do any  wrong, in my Mothers eyes.  He always obeyed my mother’s request, at least he told her he understood and he would go get our parents should there be any trouble    Sweet Boy, NOT ..  OH YEAH!  I would say to my sister oh here we go again what will he do now? He was a good brother but he sure scared us sometimes.  He did know how to creep us out!

In my childhood there was no television, you would listen to the radio, and on Sunday evening there were horror or horrible shows as I would call them.  Sound effects and voices were so scarey, creaky doors, screaming people, piercing sounds, footsteps to name a few.  I still shiver

Dear Brother would get two chairs and place them in front of the radio.  He would then say, sit  down,  First time it happened we thought we were going to play, musical chairs or something.  But OH NO., Brother dear would go and get a couple of my Dad’s ties and tie us to the chair.  He would then turn up the radio and shut off the lights.

Oh we were so frightened my younger sister would be crying, I would be screaming and no he did not stop   He would just wait for a scary part in the program and then he would crawl under the chairs and grab our legs. The programs THE SHADOW KNOWS and the GREEN HORNET.

I do not know how my sister and I survived, you know much later in Life around the age of 45, it was discovered I had been born with a hole in my heart, this problem was never medically repaired or had any family Doctor  known it was there. Over  the years this caused major heart problems , and I ended up with Open Heart Surgery.. Here was this sweet thing scaring us to death, he was supposed to protect us, so I thought.

When the shows were over he would untie us put everything away, my parents would come home shortly after.   Once again my sister and I would say that Brother was mean to us and tied us to a chair.  Mother would say, “I don’t think he would do that.”  She would ask him ‘’did you put those programs on the radio’‘and he would admit to it.  Mom would say he will not do that again and that would be the end of the conversation.

Needless to say the next trip down the street by our parents to our Grandparents we would know, Here comes the Green Hornet, and experience the same treatment.  One night shortly after, my mother, went out she did not go down the street right away, when the lights went out, she came in and caught him.  WHEW   we were safe AND THEY WERE NOT HEARD AGAIN.  So ended LISTENING TO THE GREEN HORNET AND THE SHADOW KNOWS, and I am stronger for it.  I think!

From the pen of Noreen—July 2018
download (72)

Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place and The Tales of Almonte

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