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Bingo Winner 1950

Bingo Winner 1950


Clipped from The Ottawa Journal, 12 Sep 1950, Tue, Page 28

Anyone remember this?

Sandy France–-I think the car was an Austin A40. We kept in in our garage until the day of the bingo.I was nine years old at the time.

Thanks Sandy!!

In 1947 the Austin A40 Devon and Dorset marked the first new post-war car to come from Longbridge. The former had either a four-door body or Countryman estate car, while the latter was a two-door saloon. All models seated four or five passengers and had an engine that drove the rear wheels. The Dorset ceased production in 1948 but the Devon continued to be built until 1952 in saloon form and until 1956 as a Countryman and sold for about $6855.68 in 1950.