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Light on Broken Glass at the MacArthur Mill


Thanks to Christine Armstrong for letting us print her stories about her finds in Carleton Place. Any stories you might have please send them to me and I will put them together for you. I cannot do this myself  and want everyone to be involved. That is what makes our town great. We blend in as one. Thank you for the story!  If it were not for Christine, few of us would have ever known about Jennifer at our historic MacArthur Mill.

Jennifer Anne Kelly

“In the spring of 2015 Jennifer moved her studio to the McArthur Island Mill at 100 Mill Street in Carleton Place, Ont. This incredible light filled space is the perfect place to be inspired and have fun”.

Today I have come across a studio and artist that will make one feel that they are Alice who has gone through The Looking-Glass.

Current works of Glass is the teaching studio of Jennifer Anne Kelly, a glass artist at the McArthur Island Mill at 100 Mill Street in Carleton Place. Enter a fantastical world, where Jennifer twists reality and imagination by creating new interpretations of what is naturally found. This body of work is the result of intense passion and dreams, overcoming fear, and delighting in the mystical. Her work can be found at Cirque Du Soleil boutiques, Montreal Musee des Beaux Arts boutique, and select exhibits and galleries in Ontario.

Jennifer offers classes in glass fusing and kiln. Small class sizes and customized themes offer students a fun and interesting experience. On special occasions guest instructors also offer new skills in a wide range of mediums. She also offers customized classes for a party night, bridal shower of office party. If you are looking for a fun and different night out that leaves you with a wonderful souvenir of a special moment in time, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with her.

For those of you who just want to buy a piece of beautiful art, please stop by and take a look. You are sure to find a one of a kind piece to take home or give as a gift. Remember the world without any piece of art or creation is just eh…

Take a look at her information at http://www.currentworksofglass.com/ or you can contact her directly for a fusing party or custom class at jenniferkelly@rogers.com 613-859-0100

By Christine Armstrong

Edited and files by Linda Seccaspina