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The Art Loan Gallery Perth 1907-Names Names Names

The Art Loan Gallery Perth 1907-Names Names Names

perth library ca. 1907 (archives of ontario_.jpg

Perth Library, c1907, Archives of Ontario


Perth Courier, April 2, 1897

The Art Loan Gallery:  This select entertainment came to a close on Monday night and to those who attended one or more times it was very satisfactory.  It gave the people an idea of what good pictures by professional painters looked like and what good paintings our local artists could do.  Unfortunately, the attendance was not as large as generally as to encourage the directors of the public library or the committee to persist in getting such displays of art as this with all the care, trouble etc., involved to educate and amuse the public.  The committee is indebted to a great many owners and artists for the loan of their valuable property and we should say that no better display could be made by any other town in the Ottawa district.  Among the artists and owners of the exhibits were:






1)John Hart, oil paintings by Miss Hart—oil painting of grapes by William Hart all of high merit and some fine water colors by Jacobi and Coleman.

2)Henry Taylor—Some high class water colors by Verner, G.Harlow White and Fraser and an oil painting by Jacobi.

3)Hon. Peter McLaren—A large number of water colors by *Jacobi and Bell-Smith among them being views of the high falls of the Mississippi River, Frontenac County, by Jacobi; oil painting by Jacobi (upper Mississppi and the Clyde River in this vicinity); and a large and costly oil painting by Goutois; also two will executed pictures by Dr. T.W. Beeman of this town one of them being a sunset scene on the Rideau.

4)R.J. Drummond contributed a number of collections of water color paintings, chiefly his own and mostly views of this locality which were much admired.  The high falls, Mississippi, Tay River scene near Thompson Bridge and Ottay Lake all received lasting notice from his brush.  He also showed water colors by Jacobi and Humme and a beautiful picture in oil of the Lover’s Retreat in the rear of the Parliament building in Ottawa by Miss Parris of the capital city.

5)Dr. T.W. Beeman was also a very large exhibitor all except a water color by Verner being his own productions.  Those of his that were loaned by others made the collection from his brush a large and desirable collection.  Among his best were “On the Tay Near Glen Tay”, “Wild Grasses” and some landscape scenes all of which brought out the strong artistic genius of the doctor.  Among those who loaned his pictures were Mrs. (Hon.) Peter McLaren, Mrs. (Judge) Senkler, Mrs. J.T. Henderson, Mrs. J.F. Kellock, Mrs. Boulton, Miss Shaw, Miss Drysdale, Mr. F.S. Campbell and Dr. Wilson.

6)Miss Waddell exhibited several choice oil paintings from her own brush among them being two portraits of “Young Girl”, and “Old Man” also “Fruit and Andirons”, the latter being a prize taker at an exhibition of paintings.  These were all worthy of Miss Waddell’s acknowledged merits as an artist.



Robert Pilot–Perth Ontario

St. John’s, Newfoundland, 1898-1967, Québec

7)E.G. Malloch showed three paintings:  “The Cavaliers Return”, “St John the Baptist—An Allegory” and “Rocks in Autumn”.  The first two were Italian pictures and very old.

8)Col Matheson had two fine oil paintings.

9)Mrs. James Burgess had a collection of pictures in oil.

10)Mrs. A.C. Beach had a number of the same, the work of *McGillivray Knowles, one of which was “A Study on the Tay”.



The riverside walk–*McGillivray Knowles


11)Mrs. W. Moore and Mrs. (Gemmell) Allan showed several oil paintings.

12)Miss Nellie Munro showed a collection of her own pencil and palette crayon and oil paintings creditable for an amateur.

13)Miss Mary Walker, Miss Riddell, Miss Christina Holliday and Miss M.J. Wilson had oil paintings done by themselves.

14)Miss Thompson and Miss Annie McCann also exhibited paintings in their own handiwork.

15)A portrait of F.A. Hall by Sawyer in 1881 contrasted strongly by the march of years with a photograph of himself taken lately by his daughter Mary.

16)Portraits by Field, a Perth artist of merit in the lang syne of the late Mr. and Mrs. Robert Douglas, the late Mr. and Mrs. A. Kippen and larger one of Sheriff Thompson painted 35 years ago brought back old remembrances.



Woodland Waterfall – 1916 Tom Thompson


17)Two costly oil paintings by Thompson and Elson, eminent Canadian artists of cattle and landscape loaned by Robert Meighen of Montreal were the cynosure of all eyes.

18)Mrs. J.T. Henderson showed a fine large oil painting of Milton dictating his poems to his daughter.

19)The renowned artist G. Broenuch sent up a very large collection of water colors which were the finest feature of the gallery.  They were of various shades of merit and the more costly ones were gems which made one sigh for a long pocket book.  One representing scenes of the northern Norwegian coast “Midnight on the Coast of Fumarken—Effect of the Midnight Sun” showing the vivid red of the sun on a picturesque headland was greatly admired.

20)Miss Ella Fraser of Kingston sent many oil paintings for sale which we hope found customers.

21)Miss Poole showed quite a number of pencil drawings and water colors and a life size portrait of Mr. W. H. Grant, governor of the gaol painted by one of the prisoners whose genius could not keep him from behind prison bars, which painting attracted much attention.

22)Robert Jamieson showed crayon drawings.

23)G.E. Armstrong, Miss McKinley and Miss McLenaghan (Toronto), portraits and figures in pencil work.

24)Mr. Kelsey made a show in his own photographs and enlarged photographs by the A.U.W.(?) of their master workmen for some years back, which stood against the wall.



Hon. John Haggart

25)Mr. T. H. Marks (Tom the Comedian) sent beautiful photographs of a laughing baby Marks and a colored life size photograph of Hon. John Haggart, which was an excellent portrait of the member for South Lanark.

26)A number of large and striking steel engravings added greatly to the exhibit and a large number of drawings from the books of the pupils of the Perth public school which showed care and skill were attractions as well.

27)Miss Lever exhibited some exceedingly well done samples of decorative work; some of them original.

28)Miss Laura James showed excellent exhibits of pen scroll work and ink drawings.




29)Cartoons from Hunter of the World, Racey and Wilson(?)Wilner(?) and the inimitable Benogough of the Globe came all the way from the cities.

30)J.P. McDonald (once of Bathurst), proprietor of the Spencerian Business College of Montreal had several frames full of the most exquisite pen scrollings, pictures and penmanship.

31)On the stage were a number of cases containing china hand painting and carving.  A box, knives, etc., from the cunning hand of our stalwart friend John Brown, carved during his residence at Christie’s Lake, showed great skill for an amateur.

32)Mary Campbell of Drummond had a display of wood carvings of various types, of knives, etc., in oak, cherry, and mahogany which were truly admirable in execution.

33)Mrs. (Hon) Peter McLaren showed a unique specimen of Chinese carving.

34)Mrs. (Gemmell) Allan showed carvings in ivory and wood.

35)Mrs. R.J. Drummond showed small statuary.

36)Miss Hart and her pupils had a collection of hand painted china.

37)Miss Mary Hall, Miss Isobel Hart, Miss C.M. Drummond, Mrs. T.A. Code and Miss Maggie Armour also showed specimens of this delicate and beautiful work.





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