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“The BA Corner” –Ron Armour — Community Comments


Then– in 1987— Thanks To Allan Stanzel

2011 old Tim Hortons building is NOW photo. Photo from CLICK

The GULF Garage

Carol McDonaldRon Armour ran it , I believe

Lori ArmourMy Dad, Ron Armour owned and operated Armour’s Gulf. When he purchased the business in 1959 it was a BA station. I used to work there pumping gas.

Bill LemayIt used to be a b/a Station

Jill SeymourBill Lemay yup. Meet me at the BA corner

Kelley CramptonJill Seymour even after it became Gulf we always called it the BA corner

Bill LemayJill Seymour when it was gulf their moto was we hurry service they had a size 22 running shoe in the garage

Jill SeymourKinda like meet me at the lime kiln. Which was the entrance to Levines scrap yard on Napoleon Street. I suppose there was a kiln there at one time but I never thought about it then. You have a name, you see a thing, that’s what it is

Gary LeachA great hang out, nothing but fun, miss those times with the boys.

Kelley CramptonHere’s a cute one….When my son was in grade 1 or 2 he decided he didn’t want to go to school one afternoon. As he passed the Gulf station he crawled under one of the cars parked off to the side and stayed there the rest of the day, until he saw other kids heading home after school. He then crawled out and walked the few feet back to his grandmother’s house. The guys at the station told us about it and said they kept an eye on him all afternoon to be sure he was ok.

Alexandra FolkardKelley Crampton omg how did he stay there all day? Why have I never heard of this? Why was he alone going to school so young? Lol good thing the car didn’t move.

Amie Neil-MunroKelley Crampton I remember that happening but I don’t remember leaving him there. I should have been with him, I wonder where I was.There was another day when we all skipped school together and no one ever found out

Dan Sparling
5h  · 

Jeff LevesqueSome background collected from Ron’s wife Sue – Ron was my Father-In-Law.
As Lori mentioned, the service station purchased in 1959 and ran as the BA until 1969 when Gulf Oil acquired BA. This photo was posted last week (below) – Ron is far right.

Throughout the years, Ron ran the service station and along with Sue, raised 5 daughters who some of them played a part in working at the station at some point pumping gas. Ron also had a tow truck and pulled many out of the ditches in the area.

Many young people in the town were employed throughout the years and I’m sure they could all tell some stories.

Later on, Ron started selling used cars from the station lot and later partnered with Barry Devereux of Luxury Motorhomes and rented motorhomes from the station which would also be used to take the family on their annual trip to Disney World.

Later on, Ron’s Nephew Paul Dulmage (former CP Mayor) partnered with Ron on the used car side with the Armour Dulmage name.

Spurring some health issues, Ron sold the station to Bob Chapman around 1980. After an unsuccessful go, Ron took back the station and later sold the property to Tim Horton’s.
Around this time, Ron entered Real estate to work with his Wife Sue to owned the Century 21 franchise in CP from 1978-2003.Ron passed away in 2016 and Sue still active with family, friends and golf.
The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
27 Sep 1980, Sat  •  Page 75
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
10 Mar 2013, Sun  •  Page B6

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The House at 180 Henry Street Carleton Place – John Armour

The House at 180 Henry Street Carleton Place – John Armour




A little Carleton Place history. Life in early 20th century was not easy and filled with disappointments. This is one example. Two out of six children survived to an old age.

This house today is located at 180 Henry Street in Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada. This is history of just one family of occupants.



On June 26, 1890, at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 30 year old Robert Armour (b. August 17, 1860 Edenvale, County Antrim, Ireland – d. 1945, Carleton Place) married Jessie McNeely (b. Circa 1854 Lanark, Ontario – d. 1950 Carleton Place). They resided at this house. He worked for the Canadian Pacific Railroad shops in Carleton Place.





Their household children were:

William “Willie” John Armour (b. August 21, 1890 – d. August 12, 1911) Died as a result of an accident, age 20 – photo holding axe and death certificate.

Robert “Robbie” Armour (b. April 25, 1893 – d. November 7, 1914) – Tuberculosis death age 21 (young child photo)

Walter Armour (b. May 1, 1895 – d. May 15, 1980)

Charles James Armour (b. May 26, 1898 – d. May 20, 1975)

Jessie Armour (b. November 26, 1901 – d. November 26, 1901)
Mary Ellen Armour (b. November 26, 1901 – d. November 29, 1901)

Births and funerals were most commonly carried out at home. The deaths (4 total – 2 boys and twin infant girls) would have been “waked” probably in the front parlour of the house (see death certificate for William).

They are all buried in Pine Grove/United Cemeteries, Carleton Place.



Thank you John Armour for all you do — you are amazing!



84985663_10159503354319251_3057243642113556480_n (1)



There is nothing like logging into Facebook and seeing someone has sent photos. Thanks Justin McNeely– Couple of old photos of the house at 180 Henry Street.




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