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The Bull and the Bicycle on Drummond Street

The Bull and the Bicycle on Drummond Street



In April of 1897 John H. Lappin, was coming from the station on his bicycle behind one of the busses (says the Perth Courier)  and  he met with an accident which was peculiar. One might have thought it could have or should have been more serious.

The story goes that Lappin met a bull with his head and foot tied with a rope near the corner of Drummond street. Neither the bicyclist nor the bull saw each other until they met, when the latter charged viciously on the former. The boy jumped off and left the scrimmage between the bull and the bicycle. The animal walked all over it—though the spokes, over the frame, etc., but did little injury except breaking the handle-bar, and then left it.

True story- no bull about it!


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