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A Horse is a Horse of Course– Of Course—Angus McFarlane




Mr. Hollinger sold horses and cattle at the Queen’s Hotel every Tuesday in Carleton Place.  Local Carleton Place resident Angus McFarlane did some local dealing in horses, as his values were uncanny.  The local man always felt he needed the best, and wanted a  horse to rival his speedy new roadster.  On December 17th, 1914, McFarlane began to successfully negotiate with a well known farmer for the purchase of a nifty young driving horse. After he gave payment for the new steed he drove home with the new purchase following behind him. Angus put the animal in Mick Doyle’s stable when he suddenly spied a friend.

He smiled and told the gent,

“Come here and I will show you what I bought.”

Angus walked into the stall, untied the horse with the command,“Back Up!”

Instead of backing up as per instructions, the animal surprisingly sat down. Angus began to review the facts and wondered what to do about the situation. His new purchase was still seated complacently munching on some of Mick’s excellent hay. Angus wasn’t having none of that and left at great speed for the Bank of Ottawa to have payment of his cheque stopped.

Upon arrival at the bank the manger told him the cheque had already been presented and paid ten minutes previously. Leaving the bank slower than he had arrived, he ruefully reflected that he did indeed have the fastest car in Carleton Place, but now he possessed a horse with no reverse gear.

vintage horse



December 16, 1937


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