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The Story Behind the Christmas Lights on Stonewood Drive

The Story Behind the Christmas Lights on Stonewood Drive


Please note that my sons light show runs every year.https://lindaseccaspina.wordpress.com/2020/11/19/remembering-the-christmas-star/. check out this link

Many years ago our home on Lake Ave. East in Carleton Place was abuzz with Christmas lights. My late husband Angelo spared no expense to ‘entertain the neighbours’ during the festive season. Every year was a new plan, new lights, and my youngest son Perry was always by his side through snow, sleet, and bitter cold.


In February of 2014, Angelo died of colon cancer, and when December of the same year  rolled around Perry decided to keep up his Father’s tradition at his own home off the 9th line in Beckwith. They called it Sophia’s Animated Christmas Light Show named after their 3 year-old daughter Sophia who was born 6 months after Angelo died.


I guess I never understood why my family seemed to own half of the Carleton Place Canadian Tire and Home Depot Christmas light section when Angelo was alive, but when I saw that Perry used over 33,000 Christmas LED lights in his display this year I stopped getting “my tinsel in a tangle” and wished Perry’s Father could see how far our youngest son has progressed in becoming a Christmas Lighting Wizard. So, when you see the light display this year just off the 9th line, now you know the rest of the story– that it just isn’t another Christmas light show– it is a son’s love for his father reflected in each Christmas light.

Sophia’s Animated Christmas Light Show –267 Stonewood Drive, Carleton Place every night from 6-9pm (off the Beckwith 9th line)– It’s off Country Lane estates drive,,. there is no light so drive slowly and go right to the end of the road. You can’t miss it

33,000 Lights– The moment we’ve all been waiting for. . . . Sophia’s Animated Christmas Light Show will debut tonight ( Saturday December 9th ) at 6pm. The light show will be on EVERY night from 6-9. This year we have over 33,000 yes that’s right thirty three thousand LED bulbs. Don’t forget to tune into 88.3 Griswold FM.  Don’t be shy to stick around and listen to the roughly 15 holiday songs that are synchronized to the light show!! 


In Memory of The Man Who Loved Christmas

Rosemary McNaughton- Little Red Door Arrives at Bates and Innes

Rosemary McNaughton- Little Red Door Arrives at Bates and Innes


The drive to target women began before the Second World War and gathered pace throughout the rest of the 20th century. “Women are paying a deadly price for being targeted by tobacco advertisers in the post-war years, health experts claimed yesterday.”

Women were targeted but, according to the graph on the CRUK website, their smoking prevalence remained fairly constant between 1948 and 1975, whence it began decreasing. Obviously the advertising campaign wasn’t too successful! Yet here we have ASH creating the impression that it was, trying to deceive us that it’s now the “pretty” packaging, covered with health warnings and gory images, that is “appealing”.

Image result for cigarette ad 1960s


All photos Ottawa Journal April 20 1960-Carleton Place Bates and Innes Mill

In April of 1960 millworkers walked through the doors of good health in Lanark County. Rosemary McNaughton was part of the Canadian Cancer Society’s Little Red Door program. On April 20 the workers at Bates & Innes in Carleton Place shared McNaughton’s films, literature and words of advice.

The registered nurse set up her movie projector in an unused wool- carding room on an uneven floor. She laid out pamphlets in vice president’s Jack Stewart’s office and talked to everyone about what she knew about the truths and the myths of cancer. She visited with workers and even spent and hour with worried staff that had stricken family members.

By closing time the folks that worked at the Bates and Innes mill knew all about the seven signs of cancer. That was 1960, and here it is 2017 and there is still no cure.


Max Keeping 1942-2015

Come Join us TODAY– Celebrating a 52 year old Promise Finally Being Kept


Today–May 7th 10 am

The dedication for the new Dunlop Business Park will be at the existing Industrial Business park sign on the corner of Townline where The Brick was once situated. It will be a combination dedication for both the Dunlop and Walsh Business Parks. It will take place today Saturday May 7th. Dunlop Park at 10:00am and Walsh Park immediately following.
Eva Dunlop 1900 and the Adam Dunlop house

When I first walked into the Dunlop home last year with Jennifer Fenwick Irwin from our museum I felt an immediate great sense of responsibility for its legacy and the family that lived there for generations.

Leaving a legacy means leaving behind something that people will remember you by. A family tree such as the Dunlop/Kennys and the Walsh’s is more than just names and places. These ancestors were real people with vibrant lives of their own

I care passionately about history, and our Lanark County ancestors have made an impact on me. Ask yourself– Whose life do you want to positively impact today?  Stay focused on making a difference to others.  People who have been supported and moved by you are the ones who will carry on your legacy.


What you leave behind is not what is engraved on stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others. As family genealogists we don’t want to face the fate of the dinosaurs. We are a vibrant breed and we need to share our love for family history with the next generation.


Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community, and this gesture by the town of Carleton Place has provided so much goodwill to our community. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said:” Every book is a quotation; and every house is a quotation out of all forests, and mines, and stone quarries; and every man is a quotation from all his ancestors. 

Thank you also goes to Jerry Flynn, Volundur Wally Thorbjornsson and Brian Doucett

Carleton Place- I am so proud of you today – Thank you.

Elaine Drummond-So very proud to say, Walsh park is being named after my grandparents, Keith & Barbara Walsh . They both influenced my life in so many ways, as I was privileged enough to grow up living right across the road from them…



Tomorrow would have been Angelo’s 66th birthday— We miss you. Thank you for always believing in Carleton Place.


Come Join us– Celebrating a 52 year old Promise Finally Being Kept


Live to the Max — Max Keeping


imagemaxMax Keeping and my family — 2014

The first time I met Max Keeping was when I owned my store Flash Cadilac while doing the wardrobe for the CJOH TV show You Can’t Do that on Television. As I walked by his office one day he told me to come in and sample the biggest sundae you ever saw. Apparently the station had been on a group diet and it was over, so they were celebrating with a sundae the size of a small country. Max was always professional, savvy, charming and eloquent when we crossed paths many times throughout the years. Full of warmth and compassion he often came into my store to buy jeans for the kids he took under his wing. Max was always everywhere with his heart and soul, but I never knew how he was eventually going to touch my family.

It was a cold and snowy evening in January of 2014 when Max came knocking at our door in Carleton Place. Angelo had been dealing with a cancer that was aggressive. He was seriously considering some sort of alternative medicine, and I was unhappy with his choices. Around 7 pm that winter night Ilon from the Bourbon Room in Ottawa drove Max to come and visit Angelo, and I will never forget what a change he made in him for the next few days. Max was inspiring to us all, no matter what he himself what was going through. When he left that night Angelo was full of hope.

Sadly, a month later he passed away and Max wrote:

“Cancer is such a vulgar bully. Angelo confronted it with gallantry. It was a honour and privilege to meet him. The family will ensure his legacy by celebrating the values on which he based his life. He will be missed by many. Max

And so now I write in remembrance of Max. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to come and do what you did for Angelo. Every single person needs to be heard, and he listened to each one of us that night. He truly lived the motto: “It’s not about me-it’s about all of us.” That night Max told me he still got up every morning and danced. I know in my heart Max is still dancing with his feet–but he is also still dancing with that big heart that he had for everyone and everything. That’s only just one of the things I will remember Max Keeping for.

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