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Mr. Allen’s Chickens– Appleton

Mr. Allen’s Chickens– Appleton

Newspapers seemed to control our local towns and it wasn’t hard to sway the townsfolk into some sort of rabble rousing. Take in point some fine fowl, over 325 to be exact, that resided in Appleton belonging to the Herald’s Mr. Sam Allen. The joke was that Mr. Allen’s chickens were so well esteemed they had taken their fair share of prizes at the Almonte Fair. In fact too much so– as there were a few dozen articles about his chickens!

The “opposite side” joked that maybe a visit to “the Appleton hood” by some could relieve him of some of his fair feathered friends. Was this a warning to Mr. Allen that his poultry should enter the KFC Witness Protection Plan? Or, was it to be soon a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner for all in Lanark County? In everything– the rooster, human or fowl made and still makes the most news. It has been proven many times in the Almonte Gazette and the Carleton Place Herald. Trust me!

Anything less than the best is a felony
Love it or leave it, You better gain way
You better hit bull’s eye, The kid don’t play..

‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’? Consolidated Tea Co. Sparks Street

Doin’ the Funky Chicken in Lanark County

“I Like My Chicken Fryin’ Size” said the Pig

Thanks to Stuart McIntosh

Did you Know? Update on 18 Emily Street Carleton Place

Did you Know? Update on 18 Emily Street Carleton Place



Karen Prytula is looking for..:
My first cousin 5x removed was William Allen, publisher/printer/editor of the Carleton Place Herald. When he died in 1944 he was living at 18 Emily Street. The 1921 Census tells me his house was of wood. So, I’m looking for a pic of 18 Emily Street before it was covered over. I have included a pic below of what it looks like today, but I am looking for an older pic – from before it was renovated.
Just thought I’d put the ‘feelers’ out there.
Thank you
Karen Prytula



Thanks to Nancy Hudson.. we have a photo of the old Flint house on Emily Street that we were looking for a photo this morning..Nancy said: Here is a picture with that house in the background taken circa 1955 – we lived across the street at the time.

Did You know?

William Allen was born in Aylmer (1858), and so I was reading my Aylmer books trying to glean information on what his life was like there before coming to Carleton Place. He was only 25 years old when he bought the Carleton Place Herald off of Poole. William Henry Allen who was the proprietor and editor of the Carleton Place Herald for 60 years
William Allen did not die in that house….but that is where he was living in 1944 before being admitted to the Almonte hospital, where he died after a day and a half.– Karen Prytula
The James Poole estate sold the Carleton Place Herald, founded in 1850, to William H. Allen and Samual J. Allen ; and sold the family’s large stone residence at Bridge Street and the Town Line Road to David Gillies, son-in-law of James Poole.  William H. Allen continued publication of the Herald for sixty years.  David Gillies, original partner and later president of Gillies Brothers Limited of Braeside and member of the Quebec Legislature, maintained his home here until his death in 1926.  Its site was the place of residence of six generations of the Poole family.
Linda Gallipeau-Johnston Nice one Nancy – were you still there when William Hawthorn was there? – he lived to be 104 and was profiled by CTV for still playing pool at his age.

Nancy Hudson--I don’t remember him – Bower McFadden owned the property when we lived there.