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The Mystery of the Alfred McNeely’s — Were there Two?




Photo- Donna McFarlane– Rochester/ Lake Ave Alfred McNeely

Luc Bourassa emailed me yesterday wondering  if there were any relatives of Alfred McNeely still alive in Carleton Place that he could get in touch with. Luc lives in the house formerly occupied by Alfred McNeely in Baie-Comeau, Quebec.

Here is what he has:
Alfred McNeely retired around 1948, and then went back to Carleton Place where he had been born (unknown date). He worked in the pulp and paper industry in Quebec (Baie-Comeau, Shawinigan, Rimouski) and Ontario. He worked in Baie-Comeau circa 1937 to circa 1947.

He had 3 daughters :

Laurie Grace, born circa 1898, died circa 1963. She married Robert Clay GEMMILL in St-Clements (Manitoba) in 1921.

Lennie, born circa 1907 or 1917, died 1998 in Carleton Place’s Hospital. Never married.

Ida, died before 1998. Never married. Only had one arm.


Stephen Giles These two bears, named Bruno and Gunna, were eventually shipped to the New York Zoo by Colonel McCormick, owner of the paper mill in Baie Comeau Quebec. These bears were Lennie’s inspiration for a brand of stuffed animals named LennieMac toys.



Photo from-Vintage Carleton Place & Beckwith


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Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  20 Nov 1950, Mon,  Page 4


Luc Bourassa–Here’s a pic of Grace, the oldest daughter of my Alfred. Older sister to Lennie and Ida. Married in 1921 in Manitoba. She didn’t have much contact with the family. She would have died in 1963.



It is my general understanding that Laurie Grace was born from a different mother than the other two, so Alfred would have been married first to Marcelle FLORENT (FLORANT), and then to Martha APPLETON (unknown dates). Maggie would be 3rd wedding..



Fun fact... In 1936, Alfred was the first tenant of the house that is now my home, in Baie-Comeau. The town was being built from scratch, streets had to be constructed and named… There is a small street behind my home. 4 houses and a church… In 36, they named it Carleton Place…

I do not believe in coincidence. Alfred had a say….

If you can help Luc on his genealogy quest for Alfred McNeely you can email him



If anyone knows anything that would be Donna Mcfarlane and I tagged her. She remembers going to their home on Rochester st.. when she was very very young. But yet there was another Alfred McNeely who died on Princess Street.



Stephen Giles said the home on Rochester/ Lake Ave East was built by Alfred McNeely who was an was uncle of Muriel Simpson–


Photo- Donna McFarlane– she is not sure if it was the same one– Her Alfred McNeely from Lake Ave/ Rochester Street


And while we’re at it… Alfred and a dog in front my home.. circa 1943… Luc Bourassa Photo



  INDEX           McNEELY           FAMILY– click here — Alfred (Alf) Brice McNeeley                      1869-1957      b Beckwith; d Carleton Place

Nancy Giffin Yes I remember Lenny who was listed as a daughter informing me quite firmly that her name was MacNeely NOT McNeely — Good point Nancy–makes sense! Yet there are no records of that spelling..:(




William McNeely —William went to Tupper Lake, m. a French Canadian. Alfred–returned to Carleton Place, d. Lennie Ida  Author’s Note– Notice  Laurie is not mentioned. –The McNeely Family Saga– Part 1 and 2  John Armour found Photo of William McNeely (Carleton Place/Tupper Lake, NY)

John Armour added: There were two -Alfred (son of William of Tupper Lake, New York. Alfred had daughters Lennie and Ida of Carleton Place.
The other Alfred was son of William Moore McNeely. This Alfred married Margaret “Maggie” Whyte. They had two children a daughter, Marguerite m. Harold Nelson and another unnamed son. (Info is documented in Elizabeth McNeely’s book on the McNeelys) –I guess they got tired of the name “William

 - ; com-j . Many Pay Tribute To Alfred McNeely...

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  05 Nov 1949, Sat,  Page 33




This photo is from Luc Bourassa from Baie Comeau who is researching one of the Alfred McNeelys who once lived in his present home and then lived in Carleton Place.We are trying to pinpoint this photo and who was Joe McNeely. All it says on the back of the photo “Joe’s funeral” May 12 1941–Any help would be appreciated.


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Luc Bourassa A mystery within a riddle. Here are three documents : Ida’s baptism record, Lennie’s death notice from 1998, and Alfred’s from 1949 (the one I’m investigating…) There are too many similarities for them to be different people.

But notice :

1) the ”a” in MacNeely for Lennie’s but no ”a” in earlier references;
2) the name of the girl’s mother (Martha Appleton) on Lennie’s, which isn’t what’s on Ida’s baptism record;
3) no mention of the third McNeely daughter, Grace, in Lennie’s while she is identified in Alfred’s.


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Notice that Lennie’s name is spelled MacNeely–  Like Nancy Griffin said.. Only place I have seen that.


Luc Bourassa Linda Seccaspina, Stephen Giles, Donna McFarlane. I found Alfred and the family in the 1921 census. They are in Grand-Mère, Quebec, 5 minutes from the paper mill there. Alfred, his wife Mercedes (new name ?), daughters Ida and Lawrence (Lennie misunderstood). The ages and location match. Who is Mercedes ?

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Luc Bourassa



And same place in 1901 with wife Marcelle Florence and daughter Laura (Laurie Grace).

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Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  04 Sep 1943, Sat,  Page 13

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Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  02 May 1956, Wed,  Page 30

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