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Tales From the Lodge – Bryan Reingold

Tales From the Lodge – Bryan Reingold


Bryan Reingold  He was known as A.F. Rodger (Albert Foster Rodger)


Memories of the Masonic Lodge- Bryan Reingold

My late uncle, Albert Foster Rodger, from my mother’s side was a *33 degree Mason in Toronto. Not only a lawyer by trade, he was appointed as the Senior Master of the Supreme Court of Ontario until his retirement. He was not only involved with the Masons but was equally involved with the Boy Scouts. 

When I would visit him and my aunt in Toronto, the two of us would sit for hours in his study, sipping on fine single malt scotch and talk until the wee hours of the night. He and my mother shared amazing similarities in their personalities. When he would be in Ottawa at his office (he had an office in many Ontario jurisdictions), I always cried when he’d head back to Toronto because it was like saying goodbye to my mother again who had already passed away. His passing was the hardest one I ever had to attend. 

I remember my Uncle wanting me to become a Mason, but because of their oath of secrecy he couldn’t divulge the details of what was in the oath of becoming a Mason, and subsequently I chose not to pursue it. 

I also happen to have my late Uncle’s graduation picture from Osgoode Hall in 1943.  Though he was in private practice for a while, he eventually became the city solicitor for Hamilton, Ontario and from there was appointed as Senior Master. One of the most understanding, loving, and compassionate man I ever had the pleasure to know. I loved him dearly as my Uncle and miss him. 

Bryan Reingold


Albert Foster Rodger
19 Oct 1917
06 May 2002



*In the United States, members of the Scottish Rite can be elected to receive the 33° by the Supreme Council. It is conferred on members who have made major contributions to society or to Masonry in general



Author’s Notes –Linda Knight Seccaspina, is the granddaughter of Frederick J Knight (middle gentleman) and daughter of Arthur J Knight of the Cowansville, Quebec Masonic Lodge. She has been fascinated with the Masonic Lodge for as long as she can remember. Her Grandfather and Father always said “it was a secret”— and she had to take it at that. Not that she likes it.


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My Uncle and Aunt’s gravestone at the York Cemetery in Toronto. You can see the Mason insignia by his name.




Masonic Lodge Dinner thanks to Joyce Tennant April 1978 Canadian