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Did you Know General Almonte was Considered a Traitor?

Did you Know General Almonte was Considered a Traitor?

From the clippings of Lucy Connelly Poaps

What Happened When Agustin Barrios Gomez Came to Town?

The Founder of Our Town

By Hal Kirkland CLICK

Juan Nepomuceno Almonte 1803-1869 click

What Happened When Agustin Barrios Gomez Came to Town?

What Happened When Agustin Barrios Gomez Came to Town?


The opening ceremonies were to take place at 3 pm, on Saturday, August 2, 1980 in Gemmill Park. Mr Gomez, representing the Mexican General and diplomat after whom the town was named in 1859, was be the principal dignitary of the event, which was also  to be attended by civic officials, the mayor and reeve of Almonte and Ramsay, and local members.

In 1977,  Agustin Barrios Gómez was appointed ambassador to Canada where the family lived until 1983. Gomez was commissioned by the Mexican consulate in New York City during the Latin American debt crisis and was soon after appointed as ambassador to Switzerland.

After speeches by the various dignitaries, there was to be a performance by the Governor Generals footguards, who were last in Almonte in 1970 on the occasion of the 150th
anniversary of the first settlement of the area. The guards were being sponsored at least in part, by the American Federation of Musicians. A 250-pound birthday cake was then be carved up and distributed to the crowd, while overhead a team of skydivers to perform acrobatics

Former Mexican Ambassor to Canada Mr Gomez with his wife received a key to the town of Almonte in August, 1980. Shortly after the presentation they all resulted in an accident and the party crashed into a nearby creek. So what happened? Read the comments below.


Sally Tuffin That was the 100th anniversary of Almonte. Despite the accident it was a wonderful celebration. My mom and sister were singing in the Centennial Choir with director Thora Pugh and the town was giving out buttons. I still have money somewhere.

Donald Price I remember that incident. What a panic! It was the creek going through the spring bush by the arena. I remember it was a very hot day. I am not sure what spooked the horse but he took off like a shot out hell. That creek has been there for as long as I remember. We could drink the ice cold spring water from the pipe sticking out of the ground.This is where the the horse and buggy ended up. IN the creek.

Joanna Meehan-Harrington wasn’t it down at the bottom of Spring Bush (when it was S.Bush not the manicured park it is today) the little creek/stream there. 

Peggy Byrne Yes, that is where it happened. Was just talking about this with a group of friends over the w’end. One in the group was Paul Finner who actually loaned the Ambassador dry clothes to continue on with his events for the day.

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