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It’s in the French Tickler Vault — Amanda McNeely — Adult Content



Once upon a time Amanda McNeely worked in daycare. One day she had a most excellent revelation – that there were no adult stores in town. There were hair salons and pizza places galore, but there was no where to buy yourself candy panties or massage oils. So Amanda pulled up her fishnet stockings and got to work bringing titillating things to Carleton Place. Things that heated and lubricated that the church ladies would talk about in whispers. Or did they?

Only in Ottawa could you buy fancy coloured things that went buzz in the night, and she worried and fretted that some might talk. But instead, people welcomed Simple Pleasures with open arms and bought corsets, and dainties that made their partners smile.

Her Shunga line (Fantasia Parties) has the lowest price in the area. But when all said and done, are you really going to price check for products like this in Costco? Vibrating rings are hardly shocking stuff anymore. Screw flowers and chocolate – well, actually you can’t! Pleasure products are sold next to vitamins in the drugstore and Walmart too.

Women may give up their manicures in a bad economy, but not their sex toys! Not only are sales holding steady, but the recession has actually led to an increase in purchases. Did you know scientists are paid to research this stuff — one in two women get their buzz on. As Amanda says,

“Try everything once, you’ll never know until you try it!”

Discreet Service offered daily:

Simple Pleasures Adult Boutique

Contact: Amanda McNeely

7 Allan Street
Carleton Place Ontario K7C 1T1
Phone: 613-552-0193

Offering lingerie, bath & body Products and adult toys


Carleton Place- The Happiest Damn Town in Lanark County

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