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Annie Bella Brunton & Adam Wesley Jones





This picture hangs upstairs in the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum and yesterday I decided to research them.

Annie Bella Brunton and Adam Wesley Jones were married June 19, 1913 at the groom’s house in Prospect, Ontario. Together, they operated  a farm in Beckwith township. They had 4 children:

1. Peter Alden Jones, b. 21 Apr 1921, Almonte,Lanark,Ontario- d. 3 Dec 1992, Stittsville,Ottawa-Carleton,Ontario,Canada  – Age: 71 years
> 2. Wilmer Adam Jones
> 3. Harold Brunton Jones
> 4. Lillian Eillen Jones



Prospect United+ / Methodist Church Cemetery
Lanark Co./Reg./Dist., Ontario

Adam Wesley Jones
His Wife
Annie Bella Brunton



Robyn McGrath emailed me and said the following:

This picture still hangs in their old farm house – a place where my parents (their grand daughter and her husband) still farm and still call home! I live next door in his son, Harold Jones’s, house! Great to see this article/photo about my great grandparents and our farm.

Barb Jones Saddlemire
Adam Jones was my Great Uncle. My grandfather Peter Jones lived beside Uncle Adam until 1968 and relocated with his son George Jones to South Mountain, Ontario. My father was Gilbert Jones whom resided in Brinston since 1970. I remember going to see Brenda and Barry when I was little, my goodness that was the late 60’s
Lloyd Brunton My aunt Bella and uncle Adam too. She and I used fight all the time. Good natured fighting of course. The last time I saw her she was in a nursing home on High Street and I was there to play for some musical thing. I had a beard then, and it was rather ugly, and she looked at me and didn’t say hello or anything she just said “You get that thing shaved off before the sun goes down”. I said something like “Nice to see you too Bella”. Bye the way, to the lady who posted this, I went to school with Gilbert. Knew him well