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Fowlers in Lanark County? Well we had a Heck of a Coroner Named Fowler

Fowlers in Lanark County? Well we had a Heck of a Coroner Named Fowler



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Someone asked me how many Fowlers there were in Lanark County. How ling had the name been around? Well I found a couple of prominent Fowlers.


The Doctor’s House was erected in the 1840s by Dr. James Nichol who arrived in Perth from Scotland in 1837. Dr. Nichol was one of Perth’s first surgeons. He also acted as a gaol surgeon and then as a justice of the peace from 1854 until his sudden death in 1864. Following Dr. Nichol’s death, his son Dr. James Nichol Jr. occupied and practised in the building and was followed by Dr. Robert Howdon, Dr. Richard Victor Fowler and Dr. Arthur Coulson Fowler. Dr. Arthur Coulson Fowler used the residence as his home and practice until 1972.



The “Doctor’s House” at 22 Wilson St. is aptly named as it has been both residence and office/surgery for five eminent doctors. Dr. James Nichol arrived in Perth from Scotland in 1837 and around 1840 had the stone building erected with an adjoining frame building for his surgery. Dr. Nicol was gaol surgeon and justice of the peace from 1854 until his sudden death in 1864. His son, Dr. James Nichol Jr., continued the medical practice from this residence. In the early days, doctors prepared and dispensed their own medicines, so this was a drugstore as well as an office, surgery and home. For a short time, Dr. Robert Howdon, surgeon, called this place home, before two Doctors Fowler became owners. Dr. Richard Victor Fowler moved to this location in 1896 and continued until his son, Dr. Arthur Coulson Fowler took over the practice in 1926 until his retirement in 1972. It was during Dr. Richard Victor’s time that the dormer window above the front door was added to give additional light to the upstairs. During the 19th century, a narrow barnlet joined the house to the peg barn that housed the doctor’s horse, their much-needed means of travel as they made their way throughout the countryside. This well-crafted stone house is an excellent example of the skills of the early stone masons of the day.


Dr. Arthur Coulson Fowler


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        FALL 1972. Pretty sure some of you would have had one or more of these fine gentlemen as a doctor in Perth shown here at Dr. Fowler’s retirement party. Back row, left to right: Dr. David Craig and behind him is Dr.McLean, Dr. Kidd, Dr. Bell, Dr. Church and Dr.Tweedie. Sitting are Dr.Mackey, Dr. Fowler and Dr. Holmes. Dr. Vaughan and Dr . Ryan in front.

        Dr. Fowler was my first doctor, then Dr. Church and finally Dr. Craig. Thanks to Mary-Ellen Hogan for sending this picture i


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