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Remembering Homes — The Wood Home

Remembering Homes — The Wood Home
ll Photos from-Celeste Reisinger from Abandoned – Ottawa/Gatineau & The Valley
ll Photos from-Celeste Reisinger from Abandoned – Ottawa/Gatineau & The Valley
ll Photos from-Celeste Reisinger from Abandoned – Ottawa/Gatineau & The Valley

All Photos from-Celeste Reisinger from Abandoned – Ottawa/Gatineau & The Valley

So what can we find out about the house? Every house needs to be remembered.

Gail BarrDan Grace purchased it last year – uses the farm land. This farm was the Woods family homestead. Was burnt several years ago when we had a fire arsonist. Read-Fires of Lanark County 2002

Joan Armstrong-Mary Young born June 11, 1809 married Walter Wood June 18, 1832 and in 4 days they immigrated to Canada from Lanarkshire, Scotland and settled on Lot 2, Conc. 9 ,(Hwy 29) in Pakenham Township.Their 4 children were born here.My mother’s notes say that her Grandmother Margaret must’ve been the oldest as her year of birth was 1833. There were 5 girls and 1 boy William who stayed on the farm. There’s no mention of the girls names.Looking through the names I didn’t see Rita.

Jenny DunslowJoan Armstrong ok. I’m not sure Rita’s name was Wood. That arsonist did burn her family home. When she went to visit, strangely enough, she showed me what she found in the yard. It was burnt pages from the book Faces of Fire. I always thought that was the house she was referring to. She was a very sweet lady who lived in Constance Bay and married to Don Dolan. She unfortunately passed away in 2004 I believe was the year. Since then, Don also passed.

Joan ArmstrongJenny Dunslow I’m sorry to hear that. Yes, that was the house the guy tried to burn , sad to say.

Catherine CochranYes, but Don Dolan was her second husband. She was married to Gerry Timmons first but he died in a car a car accident when their four children were fairly young

Catherine CochranThis is where William and Claire Wood raised their family. My former mother in law , Jean Cochran, (Robert Cochran) was born and raised here. Jean’s brother, Edward (Ted) took over the farm after William .There were four children in Claire and William’s family. They were William (Bill, Jean, Edward (Ted) and Rita.Jim Wood took over the farm after his dad, Ted, and subsequently sold it a few years ago.

Joan ArmstrongThis was my Great Grandmother’s home, Margaret (Wood) Buchanan.

Helen N LeviDelightful happy family lived there when I was first introduced to that beautiful old home

Walter Wood– thanks to Rose Mary Sarsfield

BIRTH1801Airdrie, North Lanarkshire, Scotland
DEATH20 Aug 1894 (aged 92–93)Pakenham, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada
BURIALAuld Kirk CemeteryMississippi Mills, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada
MEMORIAL ID204059982 · View Source

1894, Friday August 24, The Almonte Gazette front page
Almost a Centenarian

Another of the early settlers of Lanark County passed quietly out of life on Monday last, when Mr Walter Wood, of Upper Pakenham, was summoned across the mysterious bourne whence none return. He had been ill but a week, though bedfast for a year prior to his death, and blind for the past six years. He was clearheaded to the last. Before he reached the closing decade of the century he had always been hale and vigorous. The late Mr Wood was born in Dundivan, near Airdrie, Scotland, in the year 1796, and therefore attended the great age of 98 years. In 1832 he married Mary Young, sister of the late Peter, Robert, and William Young, of Ramsay, and four days after the marriage they sailed from Scotland for Canada. A few months after their arrival they settled on the farm on the ninth line of Pakenham on which they lived the balance of their long lives, doing their full share of the pioneer work and enduring hardships incident to life in Lanark County in the thirties and forties. Mrs Wood died seven years ago. Seven children were born to them, viz.: Mrs Buchanan, Miss Janet Wood, W.Y. Wood, on the homestead; Mrs James Barker, Ramsay; Mrs Taylor, Mrs Edwards and Miss Jane Wood, of Ottawa. Fourteen grandchildren and five great-grandchildren also mourn the loss of the venerable gentleman. Deceased possessed qualities that won for him the warm friendship of all who knew him, and he will be long and favourably remembered in the neighbourhood. His was a quiet disposition. He never sought public office. To the last he had a good memory, and was fond of relating incidents of life in these parts in the early days. He was an ardent Reformer, and a Presbyterian. The funeral took place on Wednesday afternoon, to the eighth line cemetery, when a very large procession followed the remains to their resting place – a fitting testimony to the worth of the departed.

Photographer Finds Money in a Local Abandoned Home



Photo by: Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

A photographer who went into a local abandoned house to take pictures of its antiques found almost $7,000 in bundles of cash – and was then able to reunite it with its rightful owners after tracking them down.

The man only known as “Dave” came across the derelict property in Ontario, Canada after being tipped off by a friend and was desperate to go inside and capture images. I know exactly where it is, but I will never spill the beans.

After entering the property, he found a number of antiques and old family photos, as well as a yellow Home Hardware bag rolled up behind a mattress.

On opening the bag, the photographer found $6,800 in both Canadian and US dollars in tightly rolled bundles.


But despite finding the cash, Dave was keen to track down its rightful owner rather than keep it himself and then eventually managed to reunite the money with a distant relative of the house’s last owner.

‘Thirty minutes later she called back and asked me if we could meet that afternoon at the house.

‘We gave her the money, every penny, she started to cry and overwhelmed by this random act of kindness, and by the emotions she felt at being back at this house.

‘We didn’t pry or ask about family history, we offered a few hugs and just took in the moment. We posed with her for a photo, at her request, and after many many thank you hugs we went on our way.’

They later learned that the money was likely collected over decades by the woman’s grandparents from a fruit stand they owned.

Abandoned Homes of Lanark County


This is a picture of the Charles Coulter farm house, located on lot 25, concession 2 of Ramsay Township, recently owned by William Bolger.

This is log building which has been covered by siding. Recently the old building was taken down piece by piece and the foundation was repaired and the log building was re-erected and covered with white vinyl siding. The interior of the house has been retained as it was originally..


This building apparently was known as the “Travelling Ministers Residence” and was originally located in Tatlock Village for the travelling ministers to stay over night during their tours around Lanark Township.

This building is located on lot 20, concession 8, Lanark Township.

Where is this?

This is the Sawyer home from Herron’s Mills. What happened to it? Read About it in Burning Down the House.

Abandoned house at Herrons Mills, Ontario

The Mystery Homes of Lanark County


I am a huge fan of the Lanark County Genealogy Facebook page. There is always something interesting to be read, and recently I found this posting. If anyone knows about the house please do comment on their page.


I have admired this old house on Drummond Concession 2 since I first laid eyes upon it. The house sits vacant now. I would like to write its biography before it is demolished, or falls into disrepair. If anyone knows the history of the house, or knows of its future please leave a message on on their Facebook page.

We have so many homes here in this area that have such history, but we don’t know much about them. The house below is one of my favourite homes in Lanark County. When my kids were small we went there at least once a week to the ghost town of Heron’s Mills.


Herron’s Mills, originally known as Gillies Mills, is a ghost town in the municipality of Lanark Highlands, Lanark County in Eastern Ontario, Canada,near the community of Lanark. It is located on highway 511 between Perth and Calabogie, Ontario.

Businessman John Gillies established a sawmill on the Clyde River in the community in 1842 to supply lumber for construction in the area. The mill continued to operate until 1950. It was later purchased by the Herron Brothers, hence the name. Wikipedia


So this is another from the old 70’s files from The Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum belonging to The Carleton Place Canadian photo group. Where is it, and is it still standing?

shaneShane Wm. Edwards found it! Thanks Shane!! Good Work- click here to read about Richards Castle.

Here are more pictures about our local castle just a step over Lanark County.

And More!