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Robert Carswell Tosh & Caroline Elizabeth (Powers) Tosh Home– Can you Help? Thanks to David Tosh

Robert Carswell Tosh & Caroline Elizabeth (Powers) Tosh Home– Can you Help? Thanks to David Tosh

Hi Linda,

Here’s a photo from 1974 of the house where my great grandparents, Robert Carswell Tosh & Caroline Elizabeth (Powers) Tosh, & their children used to live.  One of their children, Winnard, wrote about it in his memoirs which I’ve included as an attachment.  Winnard would be a brother of my grandfather, Alexander.  I’ve never seen the house in person so I would like to know if it’s still there and if anyone has any other photos of it.  It’s located on the Ninth Line of Ramsay Township.  Thank you.

David Tosh.

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TWO HEARTS MADE ONE at Balderson Corners — Annie Findlay and “Short Jack” Mclntyre

TWO HEARTS MADE ONE at Balderson Corners — Annie Findlay and “Short Jack” Mclntyre


Balderson-Perth Remembered

The initial story

The 8th and 9th concessions of Balderson forgot their feuds and two join hands in marriage. In July 9 of 1890 many of the good citizens of Winnipeg and Manitoba who hail from the County of Lanark, more especially those who can claim the proud distinction of being able to refer to Balderson’s Corners as the fountain of civilization from which sprang their social life, will learn with pleasure that Mr. John P. (Patton) Mclntyre, of Bathurst, familiarly known throughout the county as “Short Jack,” today renounced bachelorship, and led one of the fair ladies of “The Corners,” in the person of Miss Annie Findlay to the altar.

The event had been looked forward to for a considerable time by the many friends of the happy couple, and this announcement that the event was to take place created quite a ripple among the society of the neighbourhood, especially along the 8th and 9th lines. The invitations were numerous and were generally accepted. Guests were present from all sections of the county, many coming from points as far distant as Dalhousie, Lavant, South Sherbrooke and the “Snow Road.”

The ceremony was performed by the Kev. Mr. Mcllwraith, the minister to whom a call was recently moderated in by the Lanark presbytery. Now that “Short Jack” is off the hooks, it is felt here that the good example will be followed by the numerous young “bloods” of the concessions, and that they will go and do likewise. As the new couple left on the honeymoon trip, the good old fashioned jubilations were indulged in along the route.

Many shots were fired and other manifestations of joy and good feeling were exhibited. The happy groom had many friends and relatives in Winnipeg, being a first cousin of Mr. P. C. Mclntyre, a well known citizen of the city. It may surprise some to learn that “Short Jack” is P. C’s senior by quite a few years. It is a well-known characteristic of the Mclntyre clan that in matrimonial affairs, as in all matters of business, they are uncanny, but experience has proved that they eventually fall victims to Cupid’s all too powerful darts.

The Update

I went sleuthing after I wrote this and found out: Annie gave birth to a daughter named Annie a little over a year later when Annie her mother was 39. Annie, the mother was obviously ill after giving birth as she died barely 4 years later in 1895. John got remarried (unknown) and added a male child to the family in 1896 and died later in 1900 at the age of 62 leaving two children age 4 and 9.


geneaAnnie W Findly, spinster
Age: 38
Birth Year: abt 1852
Birth Place: 9th Concession of Balderson
Marriage Date: 9 Jul 1890
Marriage Place: Lanark, Ontario, Canada
Father: Alex Findly
Mother: Annie Young
Spouse: John P McIntyre


9 Jul 1890 • Perth, Drummond Twp, Lanark Co, Ontario, Canada

John P McIntyre, farmer
Age: 52
Birth Year: abt 1838
Birth Place: 8th Penssion of Drummond
Marriage Date: 9 Jul 1890
Marriage Place: Lanark, Ontario, Canada
Father: Peter McIntyre
Mother: Christina McIntyre

Spouse: Annie W Findly


Annie Finlay McIntyre

1891–BIRTH 8 OCT 1891  Bathurst, Lanark, Ontario, Canada

DEATH Unknown

Death of Mother Annie W. Findlay(1850–1895)
20 Oct 1895 • Bathurst Twp, Lanark Co, Ontario, Canada

Birth of Brother Peter Finlay McIntyre(1896–)

22 Jun 1896 • Balderson Drummond Lanark, , Ontario, Canada

Death of Father John Patton McIntyre(1838–1900)
21 Apr 1900 • Perth Town, Drummond Lanark, Ontario, Canada


George Bailey –Headstone– the Cemetery on the Ninth line

George Bailey –Headstone– the Cemetery on the Ninth line



I posted this photo this week from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum.

The only thing I could find out was the following:

Name: George Bailey
Death Date: 8 Mar 1859
Death Place: Lanark County, Ontario, Canada
Cemetery: Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery
Burial or Cremation Place: Mississippi Mills, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada

But what I did find out was that the from the looks of the headstone in this recent photo it has been thankfully repaired.



Opened in 1827, this cemetery which lies on the road between Almonte and Carleton Place, contains the remains of many early settlers of Upper Canada. Daniel Shipman, founder of Almonte, and Joseph Teskey, founder of Appleton are just two of the interred.

It was closed as a cemetery in 1947, and fell into disrepair. In 1979, Jean Steel and Dawn Leduc spearheaded a drive to restore the cemetery. Many headstones were preserved by placing them in concrete. Others have been lost to time, although some are occasionally uncovered.

There are no records of who was buried here but Archives Lanark (http://www.globalgenealogy.com/archiveslanark/index.html) has surveyed the remaining stones and published a partial list of who is buried there. There are also references to burials there in the archives of the Almonte Gazette which are available on the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum’s website (http://mvtm.ca/museum/?page_id=2759.) Researchers should note, it is often referred to as “the cemetery on the ninth line,” referring to the prior name of the road.


Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place.

Information where you can buy all Linda Seccaspina’s books-You can also read Linda in The Townships Sun andScreamin’ Mamas (USA)




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The Nesbitts of Beckwith

The Nesbitts of Beckwith



When the Carleton Place Canadian closed down, Jennifer Fenwick Irwin, curator of the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum rescued boxes of photos from the basement of said newspaper. These photos were going to be thrown out, so thanks to her we have about 1500 black and white photos from the mid 70s saved- but they are not documented to ‘who, what, where and when’. Last year I did maybe 50 of them and this year when I offered to look for  Carleton Place Canoe Club photos– I decided now was the time to do it as none of us are getting any younger–especially me.

It is so important to all of us that these photos are now documented for future generations. Years ago they put the Carleton Place Canadian on microfilm which is at the Carleton Place Library- and then all those old newspapers went to a landfill site. There is now about 75 at the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum and 50 at Lanark Archives. That’s it. Even applying for a government grant to get these newspapers off microfilm and on the internet like the Almonte Gazette was denied.

So each time you help identify a photo it is a godsend, now we can put the name to the face for future history. Thank you.

Tom Edwards identified this gentleman as Art Nesbitt. Tom also said he was a great guy and was the Chief in Beckwith for quite a few years. He also sold honey.


Linda Seccaspina– Beckwith 1965 Fire Department

Fire Chief – Robert Brooks John McFarlane, first vice-president Arthur Nesbitt, second vice-president


Joan Stoddart Art lived on the ninth line with his sister Frances.

Donna Mcfarlane Beverley J Wylie Frances had a bridal shower for me when I got married in 1964, She had all the neighbours at one of her cottages she is on right in this picture. I remember when their father Fred was reeve of Beckwith-cannot remember the year but i believe it was the year that the ninth line was paved from Blacks Corners to the swamp.



 - . Beck with Township. CARLETON PLACE, Nov. 27...

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  28 Nov 1936, Sat,  Page 33



 - Bfrckwith Township. ' At the close of...

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  25 Nov 1939, Sat,  Page 27


this is Ray clarke percy leach bill mccauley(dad) and arthur nesbitt taken at eva nesbitts 80th– donn mcfarlane

Beverley J Wylie Thank you Donna Mcfarlane..yes she was at my wedding in 1966 and I still use the cake plate she gave us…we also lived with our first born in that cottage for a short time before moving into our new place…great memories.

Donna Mcfarlane Beverley J Wylie Before Beckwith fire dept got pagers, Frances was one of the ones that telephoned the firemen. It was in the days of party lines, and they were on same line as we were, so if her phone rang during the night John got up and dressed to go and I listened in on her call lol… so he was often out the door before his call came in.


Donna Mcfarland–– that picture was taken at Eva Nesbitts (Mrs John Nesbitt) 80th birthday.
Donna Mcfarlane —One of our original members from 1964 when dept started is still active in the dept..Gary McEwen was in high school when he joined.
Ben MacRae I remember going over to Arthur’s house with my dad to pick up the honey that Arthur gave us for keeping some of his bees at our farm. I was always wanting to snoop around the old family house that sat vacant for years after a fire, I believe. I also remember seeing that house once it had been restored. If I remember correctly the house was restored by Mrs Scullion and Arthur lived in his own house on the property.
Donna Mcfarlane Mrs. Scullion who bought the Nesbitt farm has a lot of information and old pictures on the Nesbitts.. one picture in particular that she has shows a bunch of men standing in front of the old stone house..there appears to be a woman sitting on the step with a dish on her lap.. Arthur said there was no woman there… I always felt that house was haunted and Arthur agreed.





 - i me cquniy. woum again present. Thirty-two...


Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  29 Oct 1938, Sat,  Page 21

 - NESBITT In Beckwith on Monday afternoon. April...

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  16 Apr 1946, Tue,  Page 20


Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place.

Information where you can buy all Linda Seccaspina’s books-You can also read Linda in The Townships Sun andScreamin’ Mamas (USA)





Beckwith Fire Department 1965 Names Names Names

The House of Daughters –Stonecroft House


1953 photos by donnna mcfarlane

this is the neighbours piling winters wood at eva and john nesbitts

another picture from that day.. eula irvine, martha mccauley(mom) ellen gardener mary ? from sudbury and frances nesbitt(arthurs sister) donna mcfarlane
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