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71 Lake Ave West — The McGee House

71 Lake Ave West — The McGee House
Thanks to Photo from Amanda Armstrong-From the photo collection of Margaret Martin- 71 Lake Ave West-Next to the Tubman funeral home.

Notice the fishing license sign on the house.

Shane Wm EdwardsI think this house was near the corner of Lake Avenue West and Napoleon Street.

Ted HurdisThat’s right it is the old Mcgee house.

Neil LarmourJennifer Richardson Lang didn’t you live in the back apartment at one point?

Jennifer AnnYes Neil Larmour Your right.

Bill BrownLois McGee lived there. Always remembered her sitting on the front porch and said hello to all that walked by. She knew me well as she was part of the Executive of the Marching Saints – I was a Saints Drummer. Fond memories

Stephen GilesThe house actually belonged to Lois’ mother, who was a friend of my grandmother. Her name was Bertha Kerr. Bertha lived on the ground floor and Lois and her daughters Bonnie and Lynne live on the second floor

Amanda ArmstrongYour grandmother likely knew my grandmothers as well then 🙂 Bertha is a great aunt of mine, and her sister Ida Hueston is my 2nd great grandmother 🙂

Shannon ToshBertha was my great grandmother Amanda 🙂

Linda Gallipeau-JohnstonRemember lots of times in the summer when everyone was out on the verandah when we were walking home from school

Wendy LeBlancMy great grandparents Robert and Sarah Neelin lived there after they moved from their farm near Munster in the late 19teens or early 1920s. The Museum has a lovely photo of the house in its earlier days

Marlene Donoghue

It was a beautiful landmark, too bad time wasn’t good to it. I remember on my way to high, Lois sitting on the porch. Bonnie was in school with, still on my friend’s list!–

Jennifer Fenwick IrwinHere is the photo from the Museum’s collection. No date however.

Stephen GilesI just read the article “The Grand Old Ladies of Carleton Place” which details the birthday of Mrs.Huckshaw, the mother of Bertha Kerr (husband of Ashley) who resided here in 1950.–The Grand Old Ladies of Carleton Place

Penny TraffordBonnie ToshBonnie Tosh This was just after the fire in Dec. 1968-1969.–Ashley & Bertha Kerr owned, single home, then made into 2 apartments; then Lois McGee had ownership. The front porch was always a gathering place for neighbors & friends. The women who sat on the porch daily (which was directly in front of Napoleon St), were called the bravest women in town-because cars would race down the street & slam in their brakes at stop sign, some coming close to not stopping. There were 2 times I remember where cars did not stop & straight through porch & slam into front of house. (Always happened late at night, except once in years prior that was during day & next door neighbor save Lois from being hit.)After many many years, it was sold to John Kerry (who purchased Fleming Funeral Home, changed to Kerry’s).He renovated & added another apartment.Like · Reply · 6 mins..Bonnie ToshBonnie Tosh And Stephen Giles knows almost as much about this house & our family as I do.Thanks to him & Bill for their kind words.

Shannon ToshI remember being on the porch sitting with my grandmother all the time..pretty much every night in the summer

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