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Teddy Bear Lost — Teddy Bear Found



Here is a sweet Teddy Bear Story that I wrote in 2013 called

Roar — Teddy Bear Lost — Teddy Bear–Found

Remember that stuffed animal you once had and how it followed you everywhere–and if it wasn’t by your side it was a pretty sad time indeed. In December Lauren Bishop Vranch found this wee bear on an UK East Coast train at Kings Cross without its owner. Of course Lauren had no idea at the time that the “teddy bear” she found was actually a little lion.

Looking back at a time when she herself had a special stuffed friend she decided to find the owner of this lost lion. Vranch was told after speaking with a conductor that if she handed it over to the train’s lost and found it would be dropped off at a random place and left to gather dust. There was no way in her heart she could allow that to happen.

Instead Vranch took the little lion everywhere including a night out at a pub, a theatre show and a weekend hotel visit. After the “wild” weekend she got down to business and decided to take her quest to Twitter. Of course her plea went viral quicker than you can say Paddington Bear. Eventually the father of the child was alerted to a post on the Facebook page “Spotted on the Train” and contacted Lauren.

Soon the little lion whose name was “Roar” was reunited with its owner Phoebe Simpson who had been tearful since its loss. Once together young Miss Simpson said she ‘was over the moon’ and we all know what it means to be reunited with your special friend, no matter how old you are.

There is a wonderful page on Facebook called Teddy Bear Lost and Found which is a British forum for a Pinterest database that list all those small creatures that are lost. Please take a look and see if you have seen these loved ones. Remember–Teddy Bears don’t need hearts as they are already stuffed with love.