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Buttermilk Falls — Location Location Location

Buttermilk Falls — Location Location Location
The Buchanan Scrapbook

This is the front piece photo of “The Canadian Mississippi River”. The book’s caption reads: ” Buttermilk Falls at Snow Road, on Antoine Creek within sight of the Mississippi River. This picture must have been taken in the early part of the 20th century because of lack of vegetation

The Canadian Mississippi River Hilda Geddes MAP
Gregory C. SprouleIt’s on Highway 509 at Snow Road Station

Frankie B Gray

Stopped by not long ago and there were lots of children playing and swimming there, looked like they were having a blast! Beautiful spot

Freda Ellenbergerreally great in the spring with just a bit of ice still

Ryan Hunter-I drive by it everyday on the way to work. It feeds into Millar’s lake near the bridge that the 509 crosses the Mississippi. Theres a small cottage right next to it so if you visit, make sure not to trespass on thier section

Gregory C. SprouleBlair Paul Morrows road off 509 was at one time Morrows cottages

The Canadian Mississippi River Hilda Geddes

June 15, 1915

Mrs. Jim Kennedy and some of her children were taking jim’s midnight lunch over to him at the mill as he was the night watchman. While crossing the birdge her wee son Bert tripped on something and rolled under the birdge railiing. He fell into the water and was drowned. The men searched all night , but there is quite a curren there and his body was not found until next morning.

1911 Census

Name:Bert Kennedy
Marital status:Single
Race or Tribe:English
Birth Date:Oct 1906
Birth Place:Ontario
Census Year:1911
Relation to Head of House:Son
District Number:69
Sub-District:32 – Palmerston, Canonto (north and south)
Sub-District Number:32
Place of Habitation:Palmerston
Family Number:59
Neighbors:View others on page
Household Members:NameAgeJames Kennedy34Mary Kennedy27Bert Kennedy4Flossie Kennedy6Ellesie Kennedy1Lottie S Kennedy2/12

 If you have not read  The Canadian Mississippi River by Hilda Geddes.. run don’t walk!

The Saylor Store on Snow Road (McLaren Depot)

History of McLaren’s Depot — by Evelyn Gemmill and Elaine DeLisle

The old Cornucopia Lodge on Snow Road

A History of Snow Road & McLaren’s Depot

Margaret Closs Lanark and Snow Road- Genealogy

Mississippi Station?

Hughes’ Rapids on Millar’s Lake.
This photo and the one above appear on page 66 of “The Canadian Mississippi River“. The book’s caption for this photo reads: ” Roll top dam at foot of Hughes’ Rapids at the head of Millar’s Lake. “

Ragged Chutes —This appears on page 60 of “The Canadian Mississippi River“. The book’s caption reads: ” Upper Dam at Ragged Chutes in river driving days. “
Ragged Chutes.
This appears on page 62 of “The Canadian Mississippi River“. The book’s caption reads: ” Ragged Chutes in river driving days. “Ragged Chutes”

Frontenac County Ontario :
Collection of Glass Negatives
from the Snow Road area, circa 1900

This collection of glass negatives was found in an antique store in Perth, Ontario. They were taken in Snow Road or in the immediate area. Twelve of the photos appear in Hilda Geddes’ book “The Canadian Mississippi River“, published 1988, reprinted 1992, by General Publishing House, Inc., Burnstown, ON. I’ve identified those photos according to the captions in Hilda’s book.

The source of these negatives is a mystery. The Perth antique dealer told me that an elderly couple walked in and offered the negatives for sale — they didn’t leave their names and no other information is available.

I’ve oriented the published photos according to how they appear in the book, but it is possible that some or all of the others need to be “flipped” horizontally.= Charles Dobie

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Hilda Geddes — The Queen of Snow Road and the Mississippi

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