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Ted MacDonald’s $20 Dollar Challenge–St. James Gate

Ted MacDonald
March 9 at 12:39pm

Twenty Dollar Challenge. It has been a long and slow January and February for the shops and restaurants on Bridge Street and many are hurting from lack of pedestrian traffic. So take $20 out of the piggy bank, take a stroll and treat yourself to something downtown. 

Lynda Hartley —Ladies, Grab your man for date night, Enjoy a dinner out!!

Ted MacDonald—I met my own challenge today. A great bowl of Pho at Saigon Delight, Then down the street to Wisteria where I was going to buy some of their yummy chocolates for dessert but Gail decided she needed a new sweater more than I needed a treat. C’est la vie for husbands.
On Valentine’s Day we tried to get into to St. James Gate— but it was packed- so today we decided to head over there and take Ted’s Challenge. Money is tight everywhere, but imagine having a business in the winter– so I am all about supporting local as much as I possibly can.
Each day they have a lunch special- and today’s was Kettle of the day: cream of sweet potato and the Sandwich was: crispy chicken Caesar wrap. Then there are “after 5” specials too if you are counting your spare loose change.
My dining partner opted for the Fish N Chips after I suggested it. He is from California and is pretty picky in the quality. He is not enamoured of the fries we have in this area and calls them‘soggy bottom fries’ LOLOL —but thought these were the best he has had.
I had the Senior’s Special trying to stay under budget and because I can 🙂 The chicken was fresh and the fries crisp.
So how did we fare out? Yes we were over the $20 dollar challenge by a bit- but it was nice to get out and enjoy a meal I didn’t have to cook. Steve gave it a thumb’s up and said the fish was as good as he has ever had, and better than the Berkeley Bowl in California. Good going St. James! We will be back. Support local!