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Whippet– Whippet Good! What Happened to Arthur Milton Gunter?



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In 1930 a warrant was handed out for the arrest of Arthur Miller Gunter who seemed to have stolen a 1930 Whippet Coupe in Perth.  I posted the notice above on the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page and some wanted to know what happened to dear old Gunter.

I tried to find information in the Almonte Gazette but the issues were missing, so I finally found some tidbits in the Ottawa Journal. In March 29 of 1931, Arthur Miller Gunter was finally found. Where was he found? Well it seems Mr. Gunter, who was really William Henry Anderson, of no fixed address, was finally arrested in Iroquois.



Jack O’Neils stolen car from Perth had actually been found in Montreal by Chief of Police Gilhuly himself in 1930.  After what sounds like an exhaustive search, Gilhuly found William Henry Anderson, aka Gunter, working ( or maybe just hanging out) near Iroquois in March of 1931 .

Quicker than you can say “whippet coupe” Gilhuly hauled him Gunter/Anderson to the Cornwall jail. The last thing I found mentioned was that was Magistrate J. S. L. McNeely was going to hear his case in a few days. So again, all this comes 360 back to Lanark County as Priscilla McNeely from 410 Franktown Road  in Carleton  Place was Magistrate J.S. L McNeely’s sister. Small world isn’t it?

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